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Ego Lifestyle's New Galaxy Collection. Another Addition To the Luxury Notebook Line

Mention luxury and laptop and most people think Tulip's Ego Lifestyle Notebooks. As they should. Portable laptops with built-in chrome handles covered in exotic skins and lacquers, as well as studded with diamonds. But now, they've come out with yet another luxe edition, the Swarovski crystal-studded Galaxy Collection.

As their own press release reads:
"Glitter and Glamour. The Ego-Galaxy collection has a glittering appearance as it is embedded with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. The leather on the skins originates from Italy and has been treated with a special laser technique, resulting in a unique decorative pattern. The Ego-Galaxy collection contains four samples: orphine (set with transparent-, opal- and champagne-coloured Swarovski crystals), cosmos (with green-, purple- and emerald-tinted Swarovski crystals), celestial (with the spring colours of 2008, yellow-, opal- and sea green-coloured Swarovski crystals) and aura (white and purple tinted cow skin, with deep purple coloured Swarovski crystals)."

Above: One of the new Swarovski-studded paisley leather Galaxy Collection notebooks by Tulip Ego. Sold exclusively through

About us (in their own words)
The company, established in 2003, is engaged in the design, production, distribution and marketing of luxury lifestyle products. To that end, Ego Lifestyle works closely together with leading international companies and organisations in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle sectors.

We came up with a totally simple idea a few years ago: a notebook that you can carry like a bag. The idea was transformed into a full-scale and unique project and after years of research and development we are proud to present 'ego': the world's most luxurious notebook and portable dvd player in one.

The Ego brand has been built around three main cornerstones, (1) Easy Going (easiness of use), (2) Luxury and Design and (3) Mobility. These cornerstones form the basic elements around which each Ego product is build.

Focusing on optimal user experience, Ego concentrates on keeping close control on all of its activities. Therefore, each Ego is handmade in their own European Ego ateliers from the finest handpicked and superior quality materials.

Ego has strong roots in development and marketing of electronic technology. Ego Lifestyle B.V. originated from Tulip Distribution and International Holding that was entitled to the exclusive rights of the Tulip brand from Tulip N.V., Europe’s leading computer manufacturer in the 70’s. Tulip N.V. still holds the first European license of Microsoft Corporation.

Building on this past technology know how, Ego started developing independent activities in 2002. Founded by Huub van den Boogaard, the Ego concept engendered immense press attention from all over the globe as turning the market around.

Completely breaking with traditional design and use of computers, Ego became the first to integrate luxury materials and groundbreaking design into highly functional handmade luxury electronics.

Each Ego is a unique handmade lifestyle piece of electronic jewellery equipped with the latest proven technology.

Every ego is manufactured at our high-quality atelier using dedicated craftsmanship to make sure that every ego is unique and features unsurpassed excellent product quality and finishing. Completely personalised to match your desires, it could be your ego.

Changeable skins
The notebook's changeable skins mean you can always make it match your successful contemporary lifestyle by simply changing the outer skin using the clever locking mechanism. The skins are available separately in leather or with a lacquer finish.

Our design team selects only the finest quality materials to ensure every ego meets the highest standards of excellence.

Truly personal
The current world of mass production triggers the desire for exclusivity and personalisation. Ego enables fulfilment of this desire by offering a large selection of choices in finishing, artwork, fabrics and the finest quality leather. Unique, because every ego is handmade at our own high-quality atelier.

Ego Lifestyle B.V. is located in an historical building in Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Above: their least expensive cover.

Above: a special diamond studded cover that sold for $30,000.

Below are just some of their exotic skins and leathers (click on pic to enlarge):

Diamond and Platinum Collection

Ego Diamond & Ego Platinum, a remarkable lifestyle piece of electronic jewellery equipped with the latest proven technology.

The skins of the Ego Diamond & Ego Platinum are made of superior quality leathers. Ego features a broad selection of leathers that can be selected to create the ultimate personal luxury experience. All skins are set with gold ornaments set with sparkling diamonds.

Based on the Ego Signature, the Ego Diamond and Ego Platinum provide you with the ultimate personal experience. Like an haute jewellery piece, both the Ego Diamond and Ego Platinum can be tailor made to your specific desires. Use of materials like 18 carat white gold, polished platinum, and Top Wesselton V.V.S. 1 quality diamonds make the Ego Diamond and Ego Platinum articulate luxury statements.

Truly unique, as the skins can be encrusted with a gold or platinum logo, letter or initial set with diamonds. The Ego Diamond carries your personal signature on the inside on the spacebar.

Limited Editions

Monique Colligon

An exclusive fusion of unique fashionable design and ultimate functionality.
Ego MC, when haute couture meets technology.

Following its roots, Ego joined forces with famous Dutch Couturier Monique Collignon to establish the ultimate link to fashion. This cooperation resulted in the Ego MC, a completely personalised electronic fashion statement.

With outer skins specially designed by Monique Collignon with the Collignon logo embossed in four different colours and leathers, the signature of Monique Collignon on the keyboard, the special limited edition number and name engraved in two 18 carat white gold ornaments and the personalised handwritten card by Monique, the Ego MC is a fusion between haute couture and luxury electronics.

Jan des Bouvrie
Ego by Jan, the premium luxury notebook designed to embody your expressive style.
A fusion of two revolutionary brand synergised into a unique cooperation ego by jan.
Dedicated attention has been given by jan des bouvrie to add functional design to the already revolutionary design of the ego notebook.

Special handpainted/ airbrushed and signed Spiderman edition by artist Andy Davis:

Please visit their site for technical specs and additional information.

Buy any of the above ego notebooks here.

Update: Their newest Ego for Bentley:

available in various colored leathers, learn more here.

And then you've got to check out their hip versions with sayings and more here.

Ego Lifestyle B.V.
Parade 15
5211 KL 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)73 692 95 00
F +31 (0)73 692 95 09

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