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Cement Made Charming: Pull + Push Design Products For The Home

In the last couple of weeks, designer Nobuhiro Satou has made quite an impression amongst design bloggers and community product sites.

Above: designer Nobuhiro Satou with one of his cube planters.

For those of you not yet familiar with Pull + Push, let me introduce you to their charming, industrial-looking cement tabletop product line, all of which are available for purchase.
Coasters, planters, incense burners, ashtrays, lamps and more, Pull Push products are hand-crafted and all of designed by Nobuhiro Satou. And they are reasonably priced ranging from $7.50 - $120. USD, especially for items made by hand.

The Coasters:

Above: the simple cement coaster, in 2 sizes with protective underside

Above: The corner coaster (4 pack). buy it here.

Above: the Corner coaster is also sold as a single. buy it here.

Above: One of three cement coasters that integrate a map. buy it here.

The Incense Burners:

Above: the House pot

Above: The Cottage Pot (also available with colored glass windows)

Buy the $ 56 Cottage Pot incense burner here.

Above: the Tou incense burner. buy it here.

The Planters:

Above: the cube planter ($80. USD), also available with colored glass windows (see below):

Buy the cube planter here.

Above: the Dan flower vase, buy it here.

Above: The Haisui planter ($48. USD) Buy it here.

Above: the Hei planter buy it here.

Above: the Truss Planter ($48 USD) Buy it here.

Above: The Pipe Planter ($48. USD) Buy it here

Above: the Mansion planter ($120 USD). Buy it here.
The Ashtrays:

Above: the cement ashtray buy it here.

Above: the Kiso ashtray ($48 USD). Buy it here.

Above: the Foot ashtray ($50. USD) Buy it here.

Above: the Ash Block buy it here.

Miscellaneous products

Above: the Building Lamp buy it here.

Above: Their cement pushpins ($7.50 USD) Buy them here.

The products are small in scale, adding to their charm:

They've also created several products in conjunction with other companies:

A bit about the designer, Nobuhiro Sato:
1999: Graduated from The Kyoto Seika College fine arts department design subject construction field.
1999-02: Joined Modeling production company in Kyoto.
2002: Established PULL+PUSH PRODUCTS
with the concept of “Doors” to pull and push new ideas in and out. Every item is personally handmade. Every product is Nobuhiro Sato’s style to convert things we take for granted into inspiring new ideas Sato has endless ideas on incorporating architectural buildings into our lifestyle interior goods. Utilizing his expertise in cement modeling, he created a whole line of unique products that are not only decorative, but also functional.

You can buy all their products at their site by clicking here.
Or find many of them
Or here.
Or here.

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