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Cool Ways To Heat Up: Focus Fireplaces of France

The amount of beautifully designed fireplaces created abroad really impress me (for examples, be sure to check my side bar links to amazing fireplace and radiator designers and manufacturers).

One of them, Focus, manufactured exclusively in France, has over 50 stunning wall-mounted, freestanding and custom fireplaces, all designed by Dominique Imbert.

Imbert's designs vary. Some swivel 360 degrees, some look like they are torn from the wall, others have adjustable hoods, and still others are clad in leather.

I'm going to show you a few of my favorites from the collection, you'll have to visit the site to see the rest yourself.

Below are examples of this 'torn metal' look which I think is so interesting. Very primitive yet modern at the same time.

Above: the Eclat Giant

Above: the Omega

And then this unusual little protrusion from the wall takes up hardly any room yet is impossible to ignore:

Above: the Mio

Above: The Elliptofocus is actually covered in leather as opposed to the usual metal housing.

Their site, has optional language choices, company history, a bio about the designer and distribution info.

Above: the designer, Dominique Imbert

Want to see more? Check them out here.

Now, if only they'd redesign that logo......

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