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Machine Girl:
Sneak Peek At Iguchi's Gorefest

Noboru Iguchi's MACHINE GIRL

Noboru Iguchi's Machine Girl (Kataude mashin gâru) trailer has been floating around You Tube and Facebook. Some think it's real, others a spoof. It was my friend Greg who first sent me the trailer. I couldn't just let it be and had to do some research.

Oh, it's real. It's gory. And it's hilarious.

Here's some info for you:
•The screenplay for Machine Girl was written and directed by Noburo Iguchi.

•Yoshihiro Nishimura is responsible for the movie's special effects, special make-up effects, and molds.

•Yûji Shimomura is its action choreographer. (Shimomura himself directed Death Trance.)

The movie stars Yashiro Minase as Ami:

•Here's a synopsis for Machine Girl from the Fangoria article "Fever Dreams returns to Japan for MACHINE GIRL":

"Machine Girl is about a teenager named Ami who sets out for revenge on a gang of bullies who tortured her little brother to death. She winds up losing an arm along the way, and replaces it with a high-powered gun [see the pre-production still below], à la Rose McGowan in Grindhouse.

But she doesn't stop at one limb; Ami continues to lose body parts and replace them with more weapons (and tempura!) including the drill bra (doriru bura) seen in the pre-production still (prior to making the actual working props) below. (courtesy of Yoshihiro Nishimura.]"

Here are some newly release stills from the film which releases in 2008.

Production Company: Fever Dreams
Distributor: Nikkatsu (2007) (Non-USA) (all media) (sales)
Special Effects: Nishimura Motion Picture Model Makers Group

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