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Pirelli Makes More Than Tires: Pirelli Films, Calendars, Clothes & Watches

When you think of Pirelli, you probably think tires. Or Tyres, depending upon your country of origin. But there's more to Pirelli, the company and the brand than just some cool 20" dubs.

Pirelli has chosen film via Internet to promote its brand and business activities.

After the successful first edition, the new Pirelli short film, Mission Zero , will star Uma Thurman and be directed by Kathryn Bigelow of Strange Days and Point Break fame.

The Call was the first short film by PirelliFilm, directed by Antoine Fuqua, (King Arthur and Training Day), features John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell.

Watch The Call here.

The new short film Mission Zero is based on hair-raising chase scenes, but only the final scene of the clever plot will reveal the solution to a series of unexplainable events that happen to the star. Director Kathryn Bigelow gave a realistic interpretation of the script and added great emotional and psychological tension to the action scenes.

See Mission Zero here.

Now, About That Pirelli Calendar...
Those of you familiar with the annual Pirelli calendars should know that the 2008 one, shot by Patrick Demarchelier is out and can be seen here.

The 2008 Pirelli Calendar
The thirty-fifth edition of "The Cal", the first ever realized in Asia, is an exceptional visiting card to bring the world of Pirelli to the public of the Orient.

The 2008 Calendar is set entirely in Shanghai: the picturesque streets of the old French Concession, the splendid gardens of the former British Legation, the mysterious and sensual atmosphere of forbidden China, the convulsive Nanjing Road and the characteristic tea houses constitute the background for the camera shots that will grace the coming months.

The twenty-three intense portraits recount the pomp of ancient China, with its splendour and the colours in which the Oriental myth of female beauty “perfection, purity, grace - is searched out. "Very often I find Western people seem to go for the more cliché Chinese faces: long hair, slanted eyes. All that has changed I think. Many Chinese women are graceful; I think we have an inner grace that's more rare than you find in the West," affirmed Maggie Cheung, the well-known Chinese actress.

The Photographer
Patrick Demarchelier, the influential maestro of portrait photography, who for the second time authors the celebrated almanac (his first Pirelli Calendar was shot in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) said: "The casting was a fascinating mix between the West and the Orient: an interesting group of faces."

How the Pirelli calendars began:
The Pirelli Calendar testifies how our group has always been able to compete effectively with the world's leading industries in the area of communications.

The Cal dates back to 1964, when the Marketing Department of Pirelli Ltd in the UK decided to issue a Calendar for their top U.K. customers as a gift for the closing year. In fact, the Pirelli Calendar project had been born one year earlier, in 1963, with Terence Donovan but it was never published.

Wish you could see all the past Pirelli Calendars? there have been several books published of Pirelli's calendars over the years:

And it doesn't stop there.

PZero is a line of clothing and accessories for men and women from Pirelli.

Their own press release:
Pirelli enters the world of clothing design with the PZero project.
Leaving aside fashion formulae and seasonal tendencies, in two years of research a group of experts has come up with a selection of unique styles. Archetypes successively developed in variations of colour and materials, in order to concentrate the functions of several items and accessories into a single piece.


The name of each model has the suffix PZero: code name of the Pirelli tyres of the same name, invented in 1987 for the Ferrari F40 saloon. This was a real first, developed from Formula One radials for use on ordinary roads.
The “custom-made” Pirelli quality is constant in any area. In fact, the description Pirelli gives its tyres, “highest performance coverings” will cover this clothing design project perfectly too.

One of the most fun items is their line of watches for both men and women. The band emulates a tire (tyre). Take a look at a few of them:

Water-proof diving watches,, chrono, analog, date.... many styles for both men and women:

They even have them with diamonds for bling loving motor enthusiasts or ballers.

Shop for pirelli clothes, watches and more for men and women here.

More about Pirelli

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