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Bandages For The Heart. And Finger. Alyssa Dee Kraus' Unusual Jewelry.

Thanks to my hip friends over at NOTCOT, I can share with you some very unusual jewelry designed by Alyssa dee Kraus. Below are her "Bandages For The Heart". Made in 18k yellow gold or sterling silver, each has a genuine deep red garnet on the backside representing a drop of blood.

A portion of each sale of the "Bandages For The Heart is donated to a charitable cause.

Please click on the text below to enlarge and read more about her concept.

In addition to the bandages, she makes Wedding Band(aid)s in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. Each is also punctuated with a deep red garnet representing a drop of blood like the bandages.

Very cool, huh?
Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so, both rings are already sold out.
However, you can still buy the bandages from her site.

In addition to these, her jewelry designs are both unusual and stunning.
To learn more about Alyssa and her work, check out her site here.

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