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Deborah Sengl's Logo Pin Up Girls & Erotic Narratives

Much has been written about Austrian born artist Deborah Sengl's symbolic animal portraits, drawings and sculptures, which you can see more of here and her "Of Wolves And Sheep" exhibit but there are two other series of work that she's created that you might find of interest. I certainly do.

The first is a series of works clearly mocking the value we place on brand names by having them literally 'taking over' the female human figure in classic pin up poses. A commentary on our obsession with sex and branding.


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007

Unknown to me (if you know, send me an e-mail):

Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2007

Those shown above (done in 2007) are printed on canvas and measure
120 x 85 cm each and are available for purchase.
€ 3.000,-- each. buy them here.

The image below with the NFL logo is also available:

Above: Untitled, 2008 ink on paper
h: 42 x w: 59 in / h: 106.7 x w: 149.9 cm
Galerie Michael W. Schmalfuss
If interested in purchasing, Send Email

These are not available for purchase:

Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2006


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2006

Louis Vuitton:

Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2002


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2002


Above: Aus "Sich den Luxus erzüchten", 2002

The second is a series of erotic tapestries and assemblages (think Roy Lichtenstein meets Larry Flint). Some are assemblages of little plastic pieces glued together which are mocking 'ads' for sex toys, complete with the clicheés of advertising such as "NEW" and starbursts. Clearly illustrating society's preoccupation with sex in advertising.

Please note, the following images are inappropriate for those under 18 and NSFW.

Others are actual woven, embroidered or stitched narratives of orgies and oral sex, framed in heavy gilded classic frames.

The artist:

Austrian born artist Deborah Sengl (b. 1974)

See more of this talented artist's work at her site here.


RistenKay said...

I like the point she's making with the designer pin-up series, but I'm sure label obsessed people will no doubt NOT catch the message and actually purchase these FOR their brand advertising.

HP 2600 toner said...

Hey guys!
i just started blogging not that long ago and running across this blog it seemed a bit too interesting to only read the first paragraph. I kinda got confused in the middle of it but the end just made it all go together like a puzzle. Please, who ever wrote this, keep me updated!

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