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A Bouquet Of Birds. Artist Hong Yi Uses Flowers Petals To Construct Birds.

above: Owl made of white, orange and maroon chrysanthemums with trumpet flowers for the eyes and a dried leaf for beak

Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi (aka Red) whose wonderful portrait made of socks and coffee stain portrait for Nespresso I have already shared with you, has this sweet series of birds made from flower petals, herbs, dried leaves and twigs.

The 20 Most Incredible Photos Of Living Creatures From 2013.

National Geographic's 2013 Year in Review is a beautiful interactive site on which one could spend hours and hours exploring many of the most incredible scientific findings, technological advancements, space exploration, geopolitical stories, travel images, adventure scenarios, ancient worlds, human cultures, environmental happenings, animal photography and more from 2013.

Archibird, A Combination Birdcage and Console Table by Gregoire de Laforrest.

Made of bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass 'Archibird' is the blending of sculpture and furniture. A one-off piece by designer and architect Gregoire de Lafforest, the birdcage (which functions as such complete with small washing pool, eating area and the ability to be opened for cleaning) is integrated into a bleached oak wood console table.

The original idea behind the piece was to reinterpret a bird cage that would radically change the way the feathered creatures are viewed and combine it with a functional piece of furniture to showcase the birds.

The glass domes or cloches represent taxidermy and serve as a reference to curiosity displays of the past.

The main intention was to strive for lightness as exemplified by the suspended nature of the bottom part of the cage held up by steel cables (close-ups shown below) and the tapered legs help achieve this aerial-like feeling.

The piece was constructed by les Ateliers Seewhy , measures 150 centimeters tall,  72 centimeters deep and is available through Galerie Gosserez.

Construction photos:

The final product:

DIMENSIONS: H: 150 cm - l: 200 cm - D: 72 cm
MATERIALS: Bleached oak, stainless steel cables and glass
Unique piece, price upon request
See more here 

Photos courtesy of Jérome Galland for Les Atelies Seewhy, Galerie Gosserez and the artist

About the designer:

Gregoire de Laforrest is an Interior designer and architect by training, Grégoire graduated from the ESAG Penninghen. He successively worked for some of the most prestigious interior design studios in France, namely Bruno Moinard, Noé Duchaufour Lawrence and Gilles & Boissier where he collaborated on major projects such as Hermès corporate headquarters in Paris, the Cartier jewellery shops, a private hotel for Veuve Cliquot and most recently for the “Ciel de Paris” restaurant at the top of the Montparnasse tower. -

A shout out to HellooDesigner where I first spotted this awesome project.

PICTO, The 2D House Symbol Turned Into A Charming Abode For Birds.

Picto created by Birds For Design for brand Qui est Paul? is a birdhouse that offers a modern attractive shelter for small birds. The simplicity of its 3D shape is inspired by the common 2D symbol or pictogram of a house, hence the name Picto, as in pictogram.

Besides its reduced design, it is mountable on different ways: standing on a wooden spike or suspended. In Fall, when all the birds leave the protective birdhouse, it is easily opened from inside in order to clean it properly. The backside clap consists of translucent-grey Plexiglas window which allows you to observe the nesting birds.

Suspended or perched, the cute and colorful Picto fits all gardens and balconies and it available in tons of color options.

Material : Polyethylene HD (Leg is wood)
Dimensions : Nest box : 25 cm x 20 cm x H 28,5 cm - Leg : H 140 cm

buy it here.

For distribution in various countries, go here

Formal Falconry. Tiroler Goldschmied's Exclusive Diamond-studded Hawk's Hoods in Abu Dhabi.

My friend Jaci is traveling in the Middle East and taking fabulous pictures, a few of which included photos of Faloncry. This reminded me of an Italian Jewelry company I had read about that makes outrageously diamond studded, gold threaded, leather and crocodile falcon hoods for Abu Dhabi.

For more than 40 years Italian Jewelers Tiroler Goldschmied has been working in the profession of goldsmith's craft. Numerous international awards are confirmation for the particular team-work of the Gamper family and exquisitely designed jewellery has become their trademark. Driven by its passion, the Gamper family also designs exclusive refined and bespoke falconry and hunting accessories.

Tiroler Goldschmied developed its own new process to create exclusive diamond-studded hawk's hoods for those who participate in Falconry. Every hood is one-of-a-kind piece and designed according to individual ideas and tastes.

Each accessory can be transformed into a precious one-of-a-kind piece, as unique, mysterious, and graceful as the fascination of hunting and falconry itself. The diamond-studded falconry hoods can be engraved with your handwritten signature, personal initials, or coat of arms (for those who have one).

The well known artisan Mr. Giancarlo Pirrotta makes the falconry hoods out of the finest materials and Tiroler Goldschmied refines them with unique gemstones underlining the grace and magic of hunting and falconry.

Not quite as fancy, Mr. Pirrotta also has a collection of luxury falconry products for Tardini. "Royal Hoods" is a range of falcon hoods, made in American Alligator and embellished with precious feathers, lapis-lazuli beads and 18kt gold thread or rich heraldic embroideries for Tardini of Italy:

Tiroler Goldschmied Falconry Products
Via Castello 3
39019 Tirolo

Lucky Ducks... I Mean Turkeys. Meet Cobbler and Gobbler, This Year's Pardoned Thanksgiving Fowl.

This year the choice was between Cobbler and Gobbler (via an online social media vote), two 19 week-old, 40 pound birds. Elementary school students in Rockingham County, Virginia - the native area of the turkeys - chose the names.

While one of the turkeys is recognized as the National Thanksgiving Turkey – chosen for the first time by the American public through an online contest this year – the president traditionally pardons both turkeys, one serving as an alternate.

above: The presidentially pardoned turkey Cobbler, whose distinguishing mark from his brother, Gobbler, is a small black mark on the beak, arrives at George Washington's Mount Vernon, Nov. 21, where he and his brother will live out their days under the property's care following a pardon by President Barack Obama. (Photo: M.Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO)

"If for some reason Cobbler cannot fulfill his duties as the official White House Turkey, Gobbler will be waiting in the wings," Obama said.

With the turkey gobbling away nearby, Obama teased about new beginnings.
"They say that life is all about second chances, and this November I could not agree more," he said, joking about his re-election. "So in the spirit of the season, I have one more gift to give and it goes to a pair of turkeys."

Following the pardoning, the turkeys will be taken to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, where the winning turkey will be on display for visitors during "Christmas at Mount Vernon." They'll stay on the property after the holidays. The birds grew up on a farm near Harrisonburg, Virginia under National Turkey Federation Chairman Steve Willardsen's supervision.

above: Cobbler and Gobbler arrive at George Washington's Mount Vernon, Va., where they will live out their days under the care of the property following a presidential pardon, Nov. 21, by President Barack Obama. (Photo: M.Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO)

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the turkey presentation. In his remarks, Obama also thanked the troops overseas and asked Americans to remember the victims of Superstorm Sandy, which killed dozens in the U.S. and wreaked major devastation across the Northeast last month.

Concluding his comments, the president gave one final blessing to the turkey.
"You are hereby pardoned. Congratulations, Cobbler," the president said. "You'll have a great life."

Photos and info courtesy of The White House, CNN and Reuters

Architect Craig Steely Partners With Jeepney Projects To Design A Philippine Eagle Reserve Ecolodge With Modern Ecopods.

above: the proposed Philippine Eagle Reserve Ecolodge 
Mindanao, Philippines

Architect Craig Steely has partnered with Jeepney Projects Worldwide to conceive of and design an Ecolodge in Mindanao. His vision includes these beautiful prefabricated ecopods to help create respect and awareness for the world's rarest eagle, the Philippine Eagle and its natural habitat.

Each prefabricated pod is supported on a single pier foundation with supporting guy wires. This allows each pod the flexibility to be placed on any topography as well as the ability to relocate if required. The top prism has a fabric roof with screen walls while the lower prism is translucent and made with locally reclaimed corrugated wood walls. The ecopods can sleep 6 people on the 2 floors.

Presently local farmers create income by slashing forest and eagle habitat, replacing it with grazing land for livestock and pushing the already dwindling Philippine Eagle population closer to extinction.

above: The Philippine Eagle Foundation uses nonreleasable male eagles that can’t be released for artificial insemination and public display.

Carefully managed eco-tourism will create a stronger local and international awareness for the eagle’s plight as well as the financial means to employ and subsidize the local residents. Ultimately, the goal is for the local people to see the value in stewarding the land and change their perception of the eagle from a pest to an asset.

About the architect:
Craig Steely is a San Francisco and Hawaii based architect. He opened his architecture studio in 1995 and has been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and at Cal Poly and at many conferences including the Monterey Design Conference. His work has been awarded recognition by the American Institute of Architects and published widely in books and periodicals, among them Dwell, Sunset,Architectural Record, California Home and Design, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times. In 2009 he was selected as an “Emerging Talent” by the AIA California Council. Jeepney Projects is proud to have caught his interest and support.

For more information:

The Bird Apartment - Collective Housing For 78 Birds and One Human.

This a an unusual treehouse designed by Japanese design firm Nendo for the Ando Momofuku Center, a facility devoted to promoting and increasing access to nature activities. The facility is located in a forest in Komoro City in Japan's mountainous Nagano Prefecture. Nendo's treehouse is designed to be collective housing for many birds and one person.

On one side, the treehouse has entrances to 78 nest spaces for birds:

The other side has an entrance for one person, who can look into the birds' nests from inside the treehouse:

photos by Masaya Yoshimura / Daici Ano

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.