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A Doctor AND A Lawyer? I'm Gonna Need A Cold Shower. Introducing Porn4Jews.

Lately, there have been so many wonderful things shared by my friends on Facebook, I can hardly keep up. Here's one that will make any self-respecting, matzoh-munching Jew (and goyishe friends thereof) giggle, assuming you have a sense of humor.

The tumblr site, Porn4Jews - 5,000 years of tradition. 5,000 years of sexy, is a tongue in cheek collection of memes that play off on the cultural stereotypes*, clichés and traditions most often associated with Judaism.

Created by New York based writer/director/filmmaker/actress 23 year old Sarah Rosen, the site, which is barely a month old, has been featured on HuffPo as something even your Bubbe can appreciate.

above: Sarah, herself, appears in some of the memes

Owning real estate, attending therapy, earned doctorates and law degrees, food.... these are the things that make Jews hot under the Tallit.

The Huffington Post article reports that the models are all Jewish friends of Sarah's from a variety of backgrounds. One is an Israeli fimmaker at NYU, one is a Russian actor/model, some are old friends, or people that attended Yale University with her.

"I first came up with the idea after reading that PEW study in the NY Times that basically said that American Jews are assimilating more and identifying as Jewish less. My own Jewishness has always been really important to me, and the idea for Porn4Jews came from my wanting to humorously celebrate that."

above: Sarah Rosen, the brainchild of Porn4Jews

Sarah tells HuffPo that an unexpected bonus of the project was the formation of a community bonding over the blog's making. Together, with the models and photographer, Philadelphia-based Tom Stokes, Sarah was able to bring people together with dirty jokes about dreidels, the Torah, Birthright and more.

"It's also been really cool seeing how Jews from all over (France, Canada, Israel) relate to the blog and find it funny... We had a blast taking the photos -- it was a very collaborative process. Everyone was pitching captions, trying to find the funniest one."

They are accepting submissions and have plans to publish a book.

See more at Porn4Jews

*And no, being cheap is not a stereotype amongst Jews - that's a mean one made up by bitter, poor non-jews.

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