And That's A Wrap, Folks. Here's What Mattered To You In 2013.

Here's how the world 'searched' in 2013, broken down by categories, courtesy of... Google, of course. These are based on search topics with the largest global search volume.

Trends:                    People:

Events:                    Athletes:

Consumer Electronics:  Hashtags:

Movies:                    Performing Artists:

TV Shows:                YouTube Videos:

And here's how the U.S. searched in the categories that really mattered:

Apparel:                   Beer:

Books:                     Blogs:

Cars:                       Dating Sites:

Deaths:                   Dogs:

Internet Animals:     High Fashion Brands:

Memes:                   Movies:

Popular Gifs:            Reality TV Stars:

Restaurants:            Shoes:

Songs:                    Sports:

Tech Gadgets:          Toys:

TV Shows:               Video Games:

What Is...:               Workouts/Exercise:

I hope your 2013 was everything you wanted it to be and that 2014 is even better. Happy New Year!

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