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Suck UK Gets Creative And Builds SantaBots For Their Clients' Christmas Gifts

Here's a fun example of a creative corporate Christmas gift. In an effort to send a big thank you to their favorite partners and distributors, Suck UK of London took the chance to send out Christmas gifts with a difference.

This year they decided to send a present that demonstrated the fun, creativity and interaction users have with Suck UK products. Taking a break from sending typical chocolates and wine, they used one of their own new products as inspiration: the Robot Nutcracker!

The office became a real Santa’s Grotto as staff sanded, painted and prepared the robots by hand, transforming each into a Nut Cracking Santa-bot.

The robots were given beards, shiny red coats and topped with Santa hats; creating a bright red army of festivity.

Along with a special gold-sprayed walnut, each Santa-bot was placed inside a black gift box and tied up with red ribbon- ready to send in the Christmas post!

Once delivered, the recipient is invited to follow Alice in Wonderland-style notes like ‘Crack me’, to twist the nutcracker key and break the Willy Wonker-esque golden walnut. Inside the walnut shell is a miniature USB stick with a note to ‘Watch ME’, enabling the receiver to view their video Christmas card with a difference:

Well Done, Suck UK!

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