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Harvey Nichols Hilariously Markets Christmas Shopping To The Selfish This Season.

They say it's better to give than to receive, but not at the marketing department in Harvey Nichols. Their new hilarious holiday campaign, ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ offers a range of ‘Ultra Low Net Worth’ (ULNW) gifts for those customers who understand that a little something for their nearest and dearest means a bigger something for themselves.

above: The tongue-in-cheek product range designed for the campaign includes mundane items like toothpicks, canned goods and gravel

The Harvey Nichols Christmas Commercials:
The campaign began with a teaser / preview of the new ULNW collection:

The above teaser was followed up with the commercial shown below in which, scene by scene, we begin to discover that in each case the suspiciously well-dressed gift-giver appears to have spent more time and money on themselves at Harvey Nichols, than on their loved ones, instead offering a present from the Harvey Nichols ULNW Gift Collection:

‘At this time of year it can be all too easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving. We hope that our new ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection will provide our customers with low-cost gifting options for others that will allow them to spoil themselves that little bit more this Christmas.’ said Julia Bowe, the Group Press & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols

The full Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection
With a varied and competitively priced selection, there’s something for everyone; a Plastic Door Stop for Mum; Non-Swiss Biro Pen for Dad; and nothing quite says Merry Christmas like a packet of Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel.

The ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection became available in store and online starting Wednesday, November 27th. Sadly all online versions of these items are already sold out:

- Christmas Lunch in a Tin (with most of the trimmings)
- Non-Swiss Biro Pen, 81p
- Real Plastic Door Stop, £1.43
- Elastic Band Gift Set, £1
- Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel, £1.61
- Metal Plated Paper Clips, 99p
- See-Through Glass Salt Cellar, £1.73
- Sink Plug (Water Resistant), £1.13
- Multi-Bristled Toothbrush, 95p
- Toothpicks (100% Wood), 47p
- Genuine Wire Sponge, 96p

"This Christmas, a little something for them means a bigger something for you"
If you visit their special website, you will find, in addition to the commercial, a little slide show comparing the ULNW gifts side by side with something you could splurge on for yourself:

They also offer a free downloadable no frills "Sorry, I spent it on myself" Christmas card:

download the card here

Make your wish list here


client: Harvey Nichols
Advertising Agency: adam&eve DDB, London, UK
Creative Directors: Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher
Published: November 2013

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