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The Betta Bowl and Aqua U, Modern Tabletop Fish Tanks From Zero Edge Aquariums.

The Betta Bowl:

More fancy living for your betta fish. The ZeroEdge Betta Bowl is handcrafted out of cast acrylic material and is large enough to incorporate plants. It can be used as a planter instead of a fish tank, if you so desire.

Available in all clear or with a black acrylic back, the Betta Bowl measures
18.5" x 5" x 6.5" Length x Width x Height, 3/8” Front and back and has a 1/4” heat formed bottom.

$44.95, buy it here (and it's 10% off until Christmas).

The Aqua U:

The Zeroedge Aqua U is a fun and versatile 4.5 gallon desktop aquarium. The interesting shape not only looks stylish, it helps with the water flow in the aquarium. Water enters this little aquarium at a low level before it raises and goes through the surface skimmer.

dimensions: 14” x 11.75” x 14”,  Outer footprint, 11.75” x 8” x 12”
Mounted hang on the back filter
Sicce pump
Filter Media
Polycarbonate lids

Available in black or white,
$290buy it here

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