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Animated Christmas Gifs By Various Artists Bring The Holiday To Life.

Christmas Gifs is a festive showcase of animated gifs created by an international group of illustrators, animators and directors; a project curated by Ryan Todd and built by Enjoythis. Some cute, some funny, some stylish, others twisted. They have a mix of illustration styles, yet all add a little fun, and talent, to the holiday.

Here are several of my favorites, in no particular order.

The Christougenniatiko Dentrophobic Bauble by Supermundane:

Chris Robot by UpstartThunder:

Magical Santa Henshin! by Khctang:

Santa's Little Hopper by Versus :

Happy Birthday by Ross Phillips:

Way Home by Cento Lodigiani:

FORE-ther Christmas by Animade:

Väterchen Frost by Finally:

ROUND Christmas by Vagoom:

The Gif That Keeps On Giving by Kristian Hammerstad:

Santa's gotta gun by Jack Hudson:

Sprouts alone by Matthew the Horse & Amy Mackay:

Snow Angels by Tom Mathieson:

Christmas CanCan by Malika Favre:

Merry Saturnalia! by Stephen McNally:

Christmas Puddinged by Rumpus:

Losing Sight of the Holidays by Will Bryant:

Santa's Coming by James Wignall:

To see all of the animated Christmas Gifs, go here

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