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Artistic Animated Alternatives To That Boring Burning Log - Yule Log 2.0.

First off, I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas. To add to your festive day of good cheer, egg nog and annoying relatives, here's a charming project that encompass the holiday Spirit.

Yule Log 2.0 re-imagines the traditional Yule Log through a collection of short films by illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders. First televised in 1966 by WPIX-TV as a gift to viewers, the Log has since burned itself into our hearts. Curated by Daniel Savage and built by Wondersauce, the site features the imaginative work of many artists. I have chosen to share most (41) of them with you here.

Andrew Stubbs Johnston - Eames Yule:

Bianca Meier, Michael Fuchs and Daniel Leyva - Candy Christmas:

Brian & Brad Hasse - Splash:

Brett Renfer - Web-Log:

Cesar Pelizer & Ganz Toll - Anybody Home?

Chris Lohouse - Poly for Pyros:

Conrad McLeod - Yule Bonfire & Forest Friends:

Colin Hesterly & Yassir Rasan - Cozy Christmas:

Damien Correll - Reruns:

DIA - History of the Yule Log in 30 seconds:

Emory Allen and Alicia Reece - Cold Night, Warm Light:

Erica Gorochow - 2013 Roast:

Eric Epstein - Virtyule Reality:

Erik Karasyk & Benjamin Gray - yuLED:

Frank Chimero - Christmas Spirit Fingers:

Greg Gunn - Yule Log of Love:

James Curran - Yule Jog:

James Zanoni - YULECRAFT:

Jeroen Krielaars - Open Haard:

Jesse Benjamin - Vince Guaraldi's Living Room:

Jerry Liu - TBD:

Joe Russ - The Cabin and The Woods:

Joshua Catalano - Orange is the Warmest Color:

Joshua Goodrich - Deer Seer:

Julian Glander - Yule Globs:

Laura Alejo - Tio & Flames:

Lee Gingold and Jordan Bruner - Thermophile:

Mathew Lucas - Swissmas:

Matthias Hoegg - Yule Log Gate of Consciousness:

Patrick Finn and Patrick Macomber - Tis The Season:

Paul Windle - Lords of Logtown:

Philip Sierzega - The Luna Park Hearth:

Robert Loebel - Octopusmas:

Ross Philips - Technicolog:

Salih - LogOS 7.0:

Seth Hulewat & Matt Delbridge- Broke Ass Christmas:

Shane Griffin - Orestes:

Skip Hursh - Untitled:

Tricia Desjardins and Daniel Savage - Shhh I think I see santa...:

Will Anderson - L O G:

Yussef Cole - Battlefield Hearth:

To see the animated Yule Logs created by Animade, Charlie Whitney, Chris Kelly, Hush Studios, JK Keller, Josh Parker, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Keetra Dean Dixon, Kyle Sauer, Leta Sobierajski, Lucas Redfern Brooking, Lucas Zanotto, Matt Delbridge, Nick Hum, Script & Seal and Yvonne Romano visit here

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