Burton's 2014 Star Wars Snowboard Collection For The Young Shredder

Burton and Lucasfilm have teamed up once again. This time for a new series of 8 Chopper Star Wars Snowboards, a Darth Vader version of the Grom Snowboard Boot and a Star Wars Boy's Anon. Boba Fett Helmet and Anon. Boba Fett goggles.

The 2014 Chopper Snowboards, designed for youths, have a beginner-friendly convex base and are made for even the lightest weight rider. For parents, the Riglet accessory attaches to the nose of the three smallest sizes to tow little ones around until they are comfortable enough to try the bindings.

The 2014 Star Wars Chopper Snowboards:

The Star Wars Darth Vader Grom Boot:

anon. Boy's Boba Fett Rimes Helmet:

anon. Boy's Boba Fett Tracker Goggles:

Shop the youth's 2014 Star Wars X Burton collection here.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.