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That Dad Who Colors In His Kids' Drawings Is A Wicked Tattoo Artist, Inventor, Philanthropist and Environmental Activist.

We could all use a dad like Fred Giovannitti. Heck, we could all use a friend like him. An inventor and philanthropist, tattoo artist and environmental engineer, Fast Company has profiled him, he has spoken at TED and now he's become famous as a Dad for coloring in his childrens' drawings.

Fred Giovannitti (aka Redditor Tatsputin) trades his quiet, rural Delaware lifestyle for 10 days per month as a high-end tattoo artist in glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada at Tatlantis Allied Arts and Sciences.

above: some examples of Fred's incredible skin art

By digging deep to reveal common interests, Fred believes we can form personal bonds between ourselves and our teammates/partners/clients, allowing us to connect with each other’s personal history and develop ideas that have the ability to take on lives of their own. Giovannitti uses this philosophy to draw inspiration for each project he takes on, and the relationships he has shared with his client have led to many successful ventures—from spiritual enrichment to ocean cleaning innovations. In the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, inventors were called upon to develop a mass-scale oil cleanup solution. Fred responded by co-developing an oil-cleanup device at Southern California's VorTek Recovery Solutions.

above: Fred's daughter and son and the first drawing of theirs that he colored in.

The constant traveling to Las Vegas led him to use this time as a personal challenge to see how much he could fill per flight into a single page in his sketchbook. He begins each drawing at take off and ceases upon landing. He posts the results on one of his two Instagram profiles, Mile High Moleskine and his personal Instagram Profile at It's Pronounced Jovaneti.

One of his latest collections of 'Airborne Art' is that of coloring in his children's playful drawings. The compelling side by side images have been making the rounds all over the internet and I simply couldn't resist posting the pics here for you as well. Some of them he drew in with colored pencils, others were done on an iPad:

On the iPad:

images courtesy of imgur and Fred's instagram feeds, information courtesy of his own website, TED and Fast Company

You can follow Fred on Twitter at @FredGiovannitti

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