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Two Trippy Tubs For People and Their Plants from Libero Design.

Two organically shaped bathtubs, The Mother of Pearl and The Aurora, are complete with LED lighting, a place for you to soak AND a place for plants. Both designed by Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina of LiberoDesign, they are created to be simultaneously stimulating and soothing.

The Mother Of Pearl Spa Tub:

A touch interface lets you create your own combinations of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy. Choose one of the available wellness programs (relaxing, energetic, fun, tropical pleasure) or create your own and memorize it.

Integrated pots allow you to have a glimpse of nature when indulging in the bathtub. You can create a blend of your favorite plants and flowers, such as orchids and ferns.

Hidden faucets and shower provide a feeling of perfect, all-in-one structure.

The Aurora Spa Tub:

The “Aurora” tub is part of the 3 element collection of backlit bathroom furniture, inspired by nature.

The “Aurora” bathtub has integrated LED lights which are cost efficient and friendly to the planet. The lighting diffusion effect is created by translucent material that allows light to pass through it, but in the same time doesn’t show clearly the light source inside the object. The intensity and colour of light can be controlled, creating a chromo therapy.

The washbasin has another particularity, like the Mother of Pearl tub – an integrated pot, that allows you to have your favourite small plants in your bathroom.

The “Aurora” design concept was honoured with a special prize in Cristalplant Design Concept 2013 organized in collaboration with Falper.

DesignLibero is a Milan based design studio, founded by Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina. Its activity evolves in multiple directions, from interior to product design.

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