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Wasabi and Salty Caramel Popcorn Vodka? Introducing Oddka, Crazy and Beautiful Flavored Vodkas From Wyborowa.

Oddka by Wyborowa, is a new line of creatively flavored vodkas by Pernod Ricard that will initially launch in select U.S. states including Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, prior to expanding its global distribution later this year.

The unusual beverages have an equally unusual spokesman, a 2-D illustrated gentleman named Wit (more on him later in the post).

Oddka is available as an original, clear vodka and in five unconventional flavors, including Apple Pie, Electricity, Fresh Cut Grass, Salty Caramel Popcorn and Wasabi, each designed to inspire experimentation and self-expression.

The flavors may be weird but bottles are beautiful. Take a look.



Salty Caramel Popcorn:

Fresh Cut Grass:


Apple Pie:

Meet Brand Spokesman Wit Oddoski:

The voice and inspiration of the Oddka brand is Wit Oddoski, a virtual character in the real world. He is a charismatic individualist and curious 2-D line drawing born in the age of invention and experimentation who marches to the beat of his own drum. He has made his social debut via Facebook  and Twitter (@WitOddoski), connecting with consumers and sharing imaginative "oddtail" cocktail recipes.

"ODDKA was created for the individual who seeks brands that are confident, expressive and challenge the norms, just like they do," said Maxime Kouchnir, vice president, Pernod Ricard USA. "We are excited about the initial release of ODDKA in select states and sharing our curious approach with these individuals and provoking their senses."

Here's how Wit describes the unique flavors:
Original: I once meditated for a week. Afterwards I came up with the idea of a vodka-flavoured vodka. An idea so fresh, so elegant, so smooth, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been thought of before. When I discovered it had, I thought I’d make it anyway.

Electricity: Ever wondered what a bolt of lightning tastes like? Me too. That’s why I created this shockingly good tongue-tickling vodka. Now lightning can strike as often as you like.

Salty Caramel Popcorn: I love the movies, though personally I’ve never seen the appeal of those 3D ones. If this flavour was a film it would be a caramel comedy with a sea salt subplot and a warm, feel-good ending.

Fresh Cut Grass: One day my llama distracted the janitor when he was mowing my factory lawn and there was an accident. A fortuitous accident with a crisp and citrusy outcome.

Wasabi: At Ninja school I was taught the saying, ‘The Wasabi-eating Ninja Laughs Last’. I’m still trying to figure out what it means, but in the meantime have created this fiery flavour to creep up on your taste buds. Enjoy.

Apple Pie: Inspired by Grandma Oddoski’s famous apple pies. I gave her my word I would never reveal her secret ingredient. This sweet tasting apple and cinnamon flavour vodka is a tribute to that promise.

The elegant and smooth Original Oddka (40% alc./vol., 80 proof) and the new five sensory-pleasing flavors (30% alc./vol., 60 proof) sell for a suggested retail price of $15.99.

ODDstache mobile app:

To connect fans with the brand's experimental personality, ODDKA launched a free "ODDstache" mobile app, available on iTunes. Men and women alike can grow their very own ODDstache on a mobile photo of their choice. To mature, the mustaches need tending; growth can be accelerated with grooming, feeding and by sharing with friends on Facebook—the more "Likes" received, the more ODD it will grow.


Introducing Jaw Drop Coolers. Fun Flavored Alcoholic Beverages In Fabulously Designed Cans.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Jaw Drop Cooler Co. was launched in Spring of 2012 by Aquilini Brands - best known for their real estate holdings but who also launched the 2011 Bassano Hard Soda, which seems to have been replaced by this new collection of flavored vodka and malt beverage coolers.

Let My People Drink. Moses Kosher Vodka.

Since most Jews are in the midst of celebrating Passover this week, I thought it might be a good time to introduce you to Moses Vodkas. Pure in spirit and true to the laws of the Jewish faith, Moses Vodka is the first ultra premium vodka certified kosher all year round.

Moses Vodka is an award-winning "super premium" vodka that includes the extra feature of being certified Kashrut or kosher. Fortunately enough, a miracle wasn't needed to create Moses Vodka. Just the Prophet's name, pure spring water, the choice of the finest raw ingredients, a unique filtration process, and the blessing of a Rabbi to deliver you a kosher product of true perfection.

above: Moses Vodka is available as both a super premium pure Vodka and a Date flavored Vodka.

From Finland (yes, there are Jews in Finland), it is certified under the supervision of Rabbi Dr. Moshe Edelmann. The vodka itself is made from a base of sugarcane (a vodka rather than a rum because it will have been distilled up to at least 190 proof prior to bottling) and blended down with natural spring water.

Rabbi Yaakov Westheim supervises the distillation process, making sure sugarcane is transformed into pure spirit using methods and machinery compliant to kashrut laws.

Rabbis Benjamin Gruber and Moshe Edelman are responsible for the production process and the quality of ingredients.

This includes a careful selection of raw ingredients, cleaning the bottling line and mixing tanks with boiling water, the usage of single-use materials in the production process wherever possible, strict hygiene rules to follow by the personnel throughout manufacturing and packaging.

As an additional note, as is common with some European vodkas there is a sugar additive to the spirit--sometimes called "rounding the spirit"--which will upset some vodka purists. For others, this is adds a welcome and flavorful smoothness to the vodka.

The Moses Vodka Gift Box:

• 1 bottle of Moses Vodka (750ml)
• 1 bottle of Moses Date Vodka (750ml)
• 4 shot glasses

The Vodka has won several awards for both taste and packaging.

Silver - NYISC
Silver - Vodka Masters (design and packaging)
Silver - SFWSC
Silver - ISC
Gold - SIP Awards
MASTER - Vodka Masters

Some of their ads:

Moses Vodka can be purchased online at:
The Kosher Wine Company
Proof 66

To find other stores in various countries that carry Moses Vodkas, check here.

Moses Vodka

Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream in 11 Flavors. Whipped Lightning aka Whipahol.

I recently wrote about Smirnoff's new flavored vodkas, one of which is said to taste like whipped cream. This got me thinking.... what if there were an actual whipped cream that tasted like vodka instead of the other way around? So, I did a little googling and found something even better.... Whipped Lighting - Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream in a can in 11 delicious sounding flavors.

Whipped Lightning (which I prefer referring to as its urban slang nickname and their url... Whipahol) contains 18.25% alcohol (36.5 proof) with the exception of four flavors (Caramel Pecan, Chocolate Mint, German Chocolate and Hazelnut Espresso) which contain 16.75% alcohol (or 33.5 proof).

Whipped Lightning can dress up many a drink (and a dessert). Whether you prefer a martini, shot or shooter, cocktail, frozen drink, coffee, pie, ice cream or just straight from the can, Whipahol is one of a kind. Okay, not really one of a kind since a competitive product named Cream with 6 flavors, 15% alcohol content and much better designed packaging has recently hit the market.

above: Cream, another recently introduced Alcohol-infused whipped cream

As you would expect, many college campuses, concerned parents and special interest groups are up in arms over this product because of its obvious appeal to underage drinkers who are likely to abuse the product. Ingesting one full can will give you an effect equal to about three beers - and probably a stomachache.

Below are some answers from the folks behind Whipahol you're bound to have about this creamy booze in a can.

Do I have to refrigerate Whipped Lightning?
No, Whipped Lightning does not need to be refrigerated, ever. As a matter of fact refrigeration will cause the alcohol to separate from the cream and Whipahol will serve rather muddy. Don't worry though, refrigeration won't hurt it; just let it return to room temperature and all will be fine. Whipahol is infused with grain alcohol and pressurized inside a sterile environment. Although it will not go bad sitting out on a hot summer day we recommend trying to keep it somewhere around 70 degrees.

Should I shake the can?
You should shake Whipped Lightning vigorously before serving. This will help to mix up all the tasty ingredients.

There is still product in the can but why is nothing coming out?
Whipped Lightning is under pressure, if the can is relieved of pressure the product will not dispense. Do NOT spray Whipahol while the can is pointing up or sideways because the gas will be used up before all the Whipahol is dispensed from the can. Be sure to shake well, point the can downwards and spray.

Can I leave Whipahol in my car on a hot summer day?
No, you should not leave Whipahol in a hot car. Any aerosol product can become over pressurized by the heat in a parked car. This will cause the valve to fail and Whipahol will end up all over your upholstery rather than where it belongs, in your mouth.

How many calories are in a serving?
We've never had Whipped Lightning tested to determine how many calories are in a serving. Whipahol is not a food product and is not subject to FDA labeling requirements; it is an alcoholic beverage. You should consume Whipahol in moderation, please enjoy it responsibly.

Do you have to be 21 years old to purchase Whipped Lightning?
Yes, Whipped Lightning is an alcoholic beverage so you must be 21 years old to purchase and consume in the United States.

What is the shelf life of Whipped Lightning?
Whipped Lightning is best used within 12 months of being made. Please see the label for either a born on or expiration date. We make Whipahol to order so your can of Whipped Lightning is fresh and has not sat in a warehouse for months after production.

Why is Whipped Lightning not available in my state?
If Whipped Lightning is not currently available in your state, more than likely we are working on finding a distributor. You can help us by asking for Whipped Lightning at your local liquor store.

Click here to find where to purchase Whipped Lightning and some recipes as to how to serve it.

By the way, that fabulous image of the girl covered in whipped cream at the top of this post is from the photo shoot of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass 1965 album cover for Whipped Cream & Other Delights (courtesy of Esquire magazine's archives and composited by yours truly)

Holiday Spirits - Smirnoff's New Whipped Cream and Marshmallow Flavored Vodkas.

To some they may sound appealing, others may become nauseous, but yes, Smirnoff Vodka now comes Fluffed and Whipped. Two new dessert-type flavors (coined "confectionary" flavors by the alcohol industry) made to taste like marshmallow and whipped cream.

Introducing VOD-K, Caramel & Truffle Flavored Premium Vodka From Paris.

VOD-K, the subtle combination of pure grain vodka, caramel and black truffles is a new premium vodka from Paris-based Fryd Food & Drink produced and bottled in Cognac in the Charente, the birthplace of expertise and tradition in quality spirits and liqueurs.

An exceptional vodka, VOD-K differs from its sister premium pure grain through the subtle aroma of truffles and caramel it releases every sip. This exclusive alliance gives contrasting notes, leaving the palate an impression of strength and softness.

Fryd Food & Drink tapped agency QSLD Paris to brand the new premium vodka. The agency worked on the name research, the graphic identity and the package design.

Frydlender Lawrence is a lover of terroir and flavors forgotten. A true epicurean, he has always advocated a return to the earth and the real. After more than 20 years in the world of cosmetics and traveling the world, he created Fryd Food & Drink. As a nod to the founder, VOD-K is nestled in a crystal bottle much like a vial of perfume. Composed mainly of crystal glass, it features a thick base which supports pattern etched glass that results in a brushed metal nose with a plastic insert designed much like perfume.

"I wanted to reconsider, premiumize and modernize the distillery sample bottle. The bottle of Vod-k is cylinder-shaped heavy and weighted to underline its premium character. This character is highlightened by the mat finishing of its Brown anodized metal cap. The bottom of the bottle is truffle shaped. The concept of Vod-k has been thought from the beginning to the end to create a consistent universe. Vod-k is a modern interpretation of the « demijohn ». Unique by its shape and its graphic design, Vod-k is also a decorative object. Thought to be exhibited, no detail has been left to chance." Denis Boudard of QSLD says.

The name « vod-k » is phonetical and looks like an sms word. A universal name, easy to remember, to understand and pronounce all over the world.

Specializing in truffle based fine foods, Fryd Food & Drink has previously trusted QSLD Paris with the design and graphic identity of their own logotype and QSLD worked on the graphic and volume design of many of their products (e.g.Olive oil, truffle flavoured salt and pasta).

25 Unusual & Premium Vodkas From Ed Hardy To Bacon Flavored

Seems that every year or so, there's a new influx of premium and/or unusual vodkas on the market. Therefore, every year or so, I have a new vodka post for you. Not necessarily about the taste since, in all honesty, I have not tried all of them, but more about the bottle design or concept. And in some case, just unusual, limited editions or hard to find vodkas.

Yes, I've covered the gun shaped and skull shaped bottles, those with Swarovski crystals and gemstones and even those whose bottles are made from renewable and sustainable materials. But, just when I thought there wasn't much more Vodka talk out there, I found out there are vodkas infused with bacon, vodka bottles for which a tree is planted each time one is sold, bottles in Faberge eggs and even that tell your horoscope! How could I keep from sharing these with you? That said.... cheers!

1000 Acres and Blaze Vodka:

These stunning glass bottle designs for 1000 Acres vodka and Blaze Vodka By The Arnell Group (images from daily icon). These have made the rounds on design and packaging blogs, but I cannot find either of these Vodka companies, so I'm pretty sure these are protoypes. If you have a link to either manufacturer, please let me know!

The rest in this post are real actual purchasable vodkas.
Karlsson's Vodkas
Whether it's their newest Gold Vodka or their Vintage Vodkas, the apothecary-like packaging by Swedish art director and designer Hans Brindfors is modern and clean:

Go here to learn about all their vintages and flavors.

Double Cross Vodka

Double Cross Vodka
is a spring water and winter wheat based , seven step distilled luxury vodka produced in the Slovak Republic at a family run distillery.

above: While the gorgeous glass bottle is beautiful to look at, inscribed with Slovenian poetry on the back and a snap top lid, it's unwieldy, and very difficult to pour.
Order it online here

Tru Organic Vodkas

Tru Organic Vodkas use American wheat, California lemons, Bourbon Vanilla beans and vapor distilled water to bring you 3 different flavored vodkas.

By being efficient and careful in their manufacturing process and by planting a tree a bottle, two ounces of TRU vodka—the amount in a standard cocktail—help remove 62 kgs of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So those two ounces of vodka don't just eliminate your carbon footprint but help pull out an additional seven kgs of carbon dioxide from the air, where they contribute to global warming. For each bottle of Tru sold, a tree is planted. Find where you can purchase Tru Vodkas here.

Lovejoy Vodkas

Lovejoy Vodka from Integrity Spirits in Portland Oregon pays homage to the Great Clear One. Lovejoy Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches with compulsive care and affection, giving it a smooth quality with a unique character and flavor.

But Lovejoy Vodka also gets its character from its distinct labels. Lovejoy Vodka comes in four different designs, so you can choose the one that fits your mood. Same vodka, just different labels. You’ll even see new labels over time as we add new designs to the family.

And now, there's Hazelnut Flavored Lovejoy vodka:

buy it online here.

BU-TAY Vodka

(yep, that's pronounced Boo- tay' like a big ol' butt)
BU-TAY Ultra Premium Vodka starts with some of the purest water in America, in Bend, Oregon. American Made, it uses corn grain Vodka and is filtered it five times through charcoal and crushed lava. Also comes in a Citrus flavor.

Buy BU-TAY here.

Triple Eight Vodka

From Cisco brewers, this Nantucket Vodka has been around since 2001, but I've just now found it and really love the simple graphic label.

Triple Eight Vodka is the flagship product of Triple Eight Distillery. The super-premium vodka is triple distilled using organic corn from Holland and blended with ultra pure water from their Nantucket well # 888. It also comes in flavored versions, such as cranberry, blueberry and orange (which was introduced to the line in 2003).

Cisco Brewers and The triple eight distillery also have an online store that sells some fun gear with the wonderful label design like coasters and olives.

Learn more here.

Ed Hardy Premium Vodka

Don Ed Hardy, the legendary artist and Christian Audigier, the men behind the now ubiquitous Ed Hardy brand has just announced a Vodka (they have several other beverages as well).

The bottle designs vary, so I'm not sure which you can find where. But in my searching, Hitimewine and NapaCabs are the least expensive I could find the liter bottles of Ed Hardy Vodka.

Bakon Vodka (yes, you heard right.. bacon)

Black Rock Spirits, LLC in Seattle Washington set out to do something different, something savory… something bacon. The company started with a superior quality potato vodka. Made from Idaho potatoes, it is smooth, slightly sweet with the well-rounded flavor that you only get from a quality potato distillation, with no strong burn or aftertaste.

Then they added the prefect peppery essence of actual bacon. Before you balk, take a look at these recipes, bet your mouth will start watering for Bakon Vodka:

As of today, Bakon Vodka is only available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.
For information about distribution, where to find Bakon Vodka, or on becoming a distributor for Bakon Vodka, please email

Vampyre Vodka
The first red vodka in the US, It's triple distilled in England and they claim it's "wickedly smooth". Now, from what I have found, there seems to be both 'clear' and red' vodkas from this company as well as three iterations of the bottle design.

According to drinkhacker, the two (clear and red) taste nearly identical, with the red being slightly sweeter. Also, you may get confused by the various spellings, but Vampyre or Vampire, they are both from Vampire Vineyards.

Vicious Vodka- Caffeine Infused

They start with Premium American grains and crystal clear spring water. Then their distillation process yields ultra premium vodka with a full and complex flavor to which they add pure caffeine. It is distilled three times from a mix of five grains. The company says that, aside from caffeine, there are no other additives in the bottle, the goal being a taste on par with super-premium, non-caffeinated vodkas. Vicious doesn’t offer figures, but it does say it has the most caffeine of any caffeinated vodka on the market, the maximum allowed by the U.S. government.

buy it online here.

V2 and V2 Mint Vodkas
Caffeine in your vodka not enough for you? Then how about Vodka infused with caffeine and caurine? Or with caffeine, taurine and mint? Forget Redbull and Vodka, these do that for you!

V2 is a distilled spirit made exclusively of super premium imported vodka with Taurine and Caffeine added.

V2 (and V2 Mint) tastes like the super-premium, small-batch vodka which is one of its three elements. V2 is exceptionally smooth. The vodka used in V2 is made from long grain wheat. It is distilled five times and expertly filtered to be the best tasting vodka possible. The product is then infused expertly with a balance of Taurine and Caffeine.

Produced and bottled in Holland, V2 has everything you want and nothing you don’t want. There are no artificial colors, artificial flavors, carbonation, preservatives, or sugar, which is found in many energy drinks and low quality spirits.

V2 Mint is infused with natural mint extracts. Taurine (pronounced Tour–een) is the Amino Acid found in Redbull, Rockstar, and many other energy drinks. A drink made with V2 has as much intensity as a ½ cup of coffee. V2 and V2 Mint make no nutritional claims about the it here.

44 Degrees North Vodka

Available in 3 different flavors; Mountain Huckleberry, Magic Valley Wheat and Rainier Cherry. Around since 2006, it's made by 44 Degrees North Distillery in Rigby, Idaho.

The vodka used in 44° North originates from Idaho potatoes such as Burbank and Russet processed in a unique four column distillation process for the ultimate in purity and smoothness. Instead of bottling 44° North as an unflavored product, Ken and Ron decided to pay homage to the State of Idaho which is known for huckleberry as well as potatoes.
Go here for distribution.

Americana Luxury Vodka

buy it online here.

Potoki Wodka

(text from their site) At first it is soft and slightly sweet on the tongue. Its rich texture envelops the mouth, gradually arousing the taste buds, and you can soon see yourself ordering dinner and asking for a refill. While you are still toying in your mind with various menu options, the flavour moves to the back, turning into a long dry finish with nutty notes which are the trademark taste of Polish rye vodka. This pleasant experience is concluded by a warm feeling in your chest (and your heart).

American critic Paul Pacult writes of "a multilayered bouquet that begs for a half hour of sniffing and evaluation", and Robert Plotkin calls it "a remarkable achievement, one worthy of top shelf treatment." Potoki Wodka

SV Supreme, The Silk Vodka

SV is artisinally-crafted using hundreds of years of heritage combined with the best of 21st century distilling techniques resulting in a crystal clear vodka with a smooth as silk texture and body.

Filtered fourteen times through five different varieties of mountain crystals and minerals... crystal quartz, morion, chalcedony, topaz, and opal...that polish SV, Silk to an unparalleled level of natural smoothness.

SV Vodka The Gold Medal Winner "Exceptional Vodka" 92 Rating Beverage Testing Institute Nov. 2006

buy it here.

Pau Maui Vodka

Maui-based Pau Trading Company has recently launched Pau Maui Vodka, which uses pure Maui Gold pineapple juice as the base for their vodka. If you're scratching your heads how a sweet and tart fruit like pineapple could possibly make good vodka, relax. The flavors all disappear during the distillation and filtration process. Master distiller Mark Nigbur states: "There is no hint of pineapple in the taste. What the pineapple juice does is make a nice, clean mash."

buy it here.

Imperial Vodka's Faberge Egg Collection

From Emperor's Brand, it's not the Bottle of Imperial Vodka that's impressive, it's the special Faberge Egg editions.

Vodka "Imperial Collection" presents the unique cases in the form of Easter eggs by Karl Faberge.

The manufacture of these eggs, along with carafes and glasses of Venetian glass with refined gilding requires craftsmanship and experience. The production of glass items (carafes and glasses) was entrusted to an old Italian factory where the secrets of producing famous Venetian glass were passed on from generation to generation since the 12th century.

above: Faberge Egg Containers hold Imperial Brand Vodka

The set consists of a corbel that is fixing four glasses and a decorative cap for the carafe. The corbel and cap are gilded in a galvanic bath. A large red glass crystal adorns the cap. A special source of pride is the graceful and elegant gold eagle, which completes the composition. One of the most famous Florentine masters, who for more than 30 years has been working at the invitation of the Pope in the Vatican, worked on its development. Producing the eagle and gilding glass requires manual work.

above: These run from $1,600.00 and up. You can learn more about them here.

Limited Edition Grey Goose Bottles
For something really different, well known designer and interior decorator Jacques Garcia, has created these special limited edition bottles of Grey Goose Vodka:

above: The limited edition will be launched during the Cannes Film Festival next month and subsequently shown in Paris, until September 2009. The collection is also available to order by calling 0 810 070 060 (numéro azur, local rate) at a price of 520 €.

Zodiac Vodka
A Gluten-Free, potato vodka made in Idaho, Zodiac Vodka is clever and imaginative, with 12 different bottles and a website to match.

From Zodiac Spirits, this "astrological' vodka has a really fun website interface. Once you input your birthdate, your zodiac sign is recognized and your experience on the site (as well as the bottle) become adapted to your 'sign'.

The face of each Zodiac bottle features the flares of the sun surrounded by each of the twelve Zodiac symbols, or glyphs. The face of the moon is placed on the back of each bottle and can be viewed through a see-though window. This symbolizes the profound influence that the position of these celestial bodies at our time of birth has on personalities. The Sun represents the expressive energy in how your personality is shaped and the moon symbolizes the more impressionist side and your inner world of feelings and emotions.

Above: an example of the Libra personalization (yes, I'm a Libra)

An illustration representing your sign is etched at the bottom of each bottle. This provides a visual image symbolic of your Zodiac sign in its environment. The illustration contains subtle and sometimes obvious insights relating to your persona.

Inscribed on the back of each bottle is a brief description of your astrological sign and the certain traits that are more prominent in your personality and temperament.

So, what's your sign? Go here.

Nuvo Sparkling Vodka
Slighty different but new on the market, is the sparkling Vodka drink aimed at women, whose bottle design looks like perfume.

The Ultra-premium vodka from France and sparkling French wine are infused with natural fruit nectar. 15% alc/vol (30 proof).
Buy it here (on sale!)

Special thanks to for some of the info and some of the images. All other images courtesy of the distributors.

Many of the above unusual vodkas can be found at the following online stores:

Gotham Wines & Liquors

Hi Time Wines
Beverage Warehouse

Now, before you go writing me telling me about all the amazing Vodka Bottle designs and unusual vodkas on the market, you'd better see my previous posts (links below) in which I mention everything from Vertikal to Diva. So please read before you comment... I may already blogged about them:

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