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The Deli Garage Will Satisfy Your Appetite For Both Great Package Design and Delicious Foods.

The Deli Garage is a German-based collective food label that offers exquisite delicacies of regional food from various manufacturers. The products, which vary from honey and olive oils to Vodka and chocolate spreads, are designed to emulate automotive products one would find in a mechanic's garage.

The packaged goods cleverly simulate the look of gas cans, car waxes, tool boxes, oils and spray cleaners, but maintain appetite appeal. Many of the items have been honored in annual package design competitions.

Food Finish Spray:

The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with a small food manufacturer that provides topquality food colouring to upmarket pastry and cake shops. The new innovation is the spray can. And that’s exactly what makes refining your culinary creations so very easy. Off with the lid and on with the spray.

Finito! Food Finish will chrome-plate and gold-coat anything in the kitchen that comes under its nozzle – from summer strawberries to the Christmas goose. And with two new colours, you’ll have your food blushing red and moody blue in a jiffy. Food Finish is completely neutral in taste and harmless to eat.

Gold: additives: E943a, E943b, E944, ethanol, flavouring, E555, E171, E172.
Silver: additives: E943a, E943b, E944, ethanol, flavouring, E555, E171.
Red: additives: E943a, E943b, E944, ethanol, flavouring, E555, E172.
Blue: additives: E943a, E943b, E944, ethanol, flavouring, E555, E171, E133.
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Honey Bond:

A delectable means of sticking bread, croissants and crêpes together, and a little sweet refinement for desserts, hot drinks and sauces, too. Thanks to the classic glue bottle packaging, portioning Deli Garage Honey Bond is a piece of cake.

Honey Bond is produced by hand at an apiary near Hamburg, in an area known as ‘Altes Land’, the largest fruit-growing region in central Europe. We take complete responsibility for the wonderfully natural taste: something this divine has to be a little sinful.

Cocoa-Mint: German honey, cocoa*, bourbon vanilla*, mint oil*.
Vanilla: German honey, bourbon vanilla*.
Cinnamon: German honey, Ceylon cinnamon.
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Vodka Powerfuel:

A big vodka from one of Germany’s smallest distilleries. Located deep in the Harz region, this fine distillate is produced by a small family business – with the peace and quiet and the love and experience that a really good vodka needs.

The wheat that powers this vodka is grown locally, and the distillation methods come from a long, time-honoured tradition. All the added flavours, such as melon or Italian espresso coffee beans, are carefully coaxed from fresh fruits, roots, plants and beans. And it isn’t just the content that’s strong.

Powerfuel is served in a stainless– steel hip flask.

Content: Natural fruit extracts, alcohol, water, sugar.
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Choco Glue:

Once you try it, you’ll immediately know what you’ve been missing in ordinary chocolate spreads. Chocolate Glue is made traditionally by hand using carefully selected cocoa beans and only the best hazelnut oil.

Chocolate Glue with Biscuit also comes with a special crunchy ingredient: yummy biscuits, crumbled into tiny pieces and added to the mix. Thanks to the special family recipe, the little pieces of biscuit stay deliciously crisp right down to the very last drop of Chocolate Glue. But beware: the unique taste of Chocolate Glue can become an addiction that will stick to you for life.

Chocolate Glue: hazelnut praline (49.5% hazelnuts, soy lecithin emulsifier, sugar), hazelnut oil, cocoa.
Chocolate Glue with Biscuit: hazelnut praline (49.5% hazelnuts, soy lecithin emulsifier, sugar), hazelnut oil, cocoa, biscuit chips (flour, sugar, lactose, milk protein, concentrated butter, vegetable fat, sodium bicarbonate baking powder, barley malt).
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Oil Change Olive Oils:

You’ll find the aromatic Arbequina olives that give Oil Change its smooth, fruity taste growing in Spain’s mild climate. For more than 75 years, a small family-run business in Catalonia has been making olive oil using old traditional methods – exclusively by hand and in temperatures below 27 degrees centigrade. Only this hand-pressed olive oil can actually be called ‘virgin’.

Using a complex procedure, whole lemons, crisp chillies or fresh rosemary are directly pressed with the olives, keeping their precious essential oils safe and sound. That is what makes Oil Change so special. The result is a flavoured olive oil of the highest quality.

Lemon: extra virgin olive oil, lemon.
Rosemary: extra virgin olive oil, rosemary.
Chilli: extra virgin olive oil, chilli.
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Chocolate Cream Fillers:

Filling those hunger holes has never tasted so good! But what makes us so sure that The Deli Garage Filler is a guarantee for fun-filled food improvements? The enclosed multifunctional spatula! Thanks to the four different serrated edges on the spatula, every hungry DIY enthusiast can polish off their chocolate treat in their own, individual way – fill as you will, so to speak!

There’s only one drawback. Our chocolate Filler is so deliciously creamy that you might just find yourself plastering it on a little thicker than originally planned.

This article is not yet available with english packaging.

Milk chocolate spread: Belgian chocolate spread, sugar, vegetable oil, skimmed-milk powder, highly de-oiled cocoa powder (6%), lactose, sweet whey powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring.
White chocolate spread: Belgian chocolate spread, sugar, vegetable oil, skimmed-milk powder, butter oil, white chocolate 2% (sugar, skimmed-milk powder, cocoa butter, butter oil), lactose, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring.
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Pasta Multi Noodles:

Nearly two decades of experience go into making this pasta. A small family-owned business in Burgenland, Austria, produces this handmade pasta – shaped like screws, nuts and bolts – especially for The Deli Garage using a traditional recipe of semolina and fresh organic eggs.

But what’s extra special about this pasta is its uneven outer surface and the little chambers in each individual shape. Altogether, this adds up to a Multi Noodle that really knows how to suck up a pasta sauce.
Content: Durum wheat semolina, six fresh eggs per kilogram, salt.
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Garage Winery
And they have a winery, too which carries wines and spirits, also nicely designed such as the brandy shown below.

The Deli Garage

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