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Oakley Designs A Bad Ass Flask For The Macallan.
And Has A Fun Time Testing Its Durability.

The Macallan has partnered with sport and lifestyle brand Oakley, Inc. to bring you a tough and sexy new way to carry your scotch in 'The Flask'.

The Flask has an edgy and adventurous feel. Masculine, luxurious and innovative, made of carbon fiber, food-grade steel and aerospace-grade aluminum, it reeks of precision and craftsmanship.

Macallan had a lot of fun working with Oakley, Inc. and together they’ve taken a truly design driven approach in crafting this beautiful, yet high octane Flask. The Flask is more than a vessel, it's a statement.

For the launch a special gift set in 550 limited editions containing The Flask with the accompanying 22yr single cask of All American Sherry Oak Scotch Macallan was produced (shown below). But only 100 of the flasks are available for purchase (link to buy is at the end of this post).

The carefully considered and expertly executed Flask is the last word in dynamic and premium craftsmanship from the inside out. Durable in style as well as design, the resilience of The Flask is assuredly robust. Every potential circumstance and environment of usage has been considered. And just to be sure, Oakley, Inc. put The Flask to the ultimate test. See how it performs here in the Test Sessions film…

The Flask from The Macallan and Oakley, Inc. is the purveyor of pleasure for whisky aficionados across the globe. Just 100 flasks will be available, priced at £600, so make sure you snap yours up quickly.
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