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Zombie Easter Bunny and Zombie Bunny Lollipops.

Think Geek's Chocolate Zombie Bunny and Zombie Bunny Lollipops are sure to be a favorite amongst flesh-eating zombie-loving adults and children this coming Easter Holiday. What better way to celebrate the Lord's rising from the dead than to indulge in Undead Bunnies?

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

The Zombie Bunny is made from 8 ounces of solid white chocolate.
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Zombie Bunny Lollipops

The Zombie Bunny lollipops, which come in a set of four, have variations in the zombie bunny blood spatter color, as they are all hand poured.

• Set of four lollipops for you to eat or share (each is individually wrapped to help with sharing).
• Each pop looks like a zombie bunny, but tastes like cotton candy.
• Net Wt: approx. 4oz.
• Dimensions: approx. 2.125" x 3.5" x 0.25" (just the edible part).

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