Classic Chairs As Alphabet. Tim Fishlock's Limited Edition Typeseat Screen Print and Chair Alphabet Prints From Blue Ant Studio.

I love chairs. And typography, So both Tim Fishlock's and Blue Ant Studio's beautiful prints are right up my alley/in my wheelhouse/my cup of tea... you get the picture.

Typeseat by Tim Fishlock
 First, Fishlock's Typeseat is a limited edition screenprint featuring classic chairs as the letters of the alphabet.

Here Tim explains some background to the edition:
“A lot of my work explores symbols and the idea of pictorial shorthand. I’m fascinated by the alphabet, how most of the letters began as pictures, icons from another era. Social and cultural change and aesthetic trends have been reflected in the Roman alphabet as it’s been refined over the centuries. Few objects reflect this cultural change as distinctly as the chair. An Eames lounger or a Panton chair are effective shorthand for the aesthetic trends of the day.

Typeseat is my attempt at creating a pictorial alphabet made up of some of the most iconic chairs of the twentieth century.”


Sold out on his own website, the screen print is now being offered from twentytwentyone

A limited edition of 300 prints available.
50 x 70cm
buy it here

Alphabet & Chair Posters from Blue Ant Studio.

I'd be remiss to speak of a poster about classic modern chairs and the alphabet without mentioning Blue Ant Studio and their wonderful selection of prints. Here are three that incorporate classic modern chairs (and are very affordable):

Alphabet Orangina (detail):

The Alphabet of Design Classics (detail):

And Eye Exam, an eye chart made of of modern classic chairs:

Above are just three of their beautiful prints, shop for these and more at Blue Ant Studio.

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