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The 20 Best Academy Award and Oscars Infographics in One Place.

From Social Media predictions, fashion trends, media spending and statistics to fun trivia and history, here's a round up of 20 the best and most interesting infographics pertaining to the Academy Award and Oscar.

Click on each infographic below to enlarge them in a separate window.

If Social Media Could Predict Oscar Winners
Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards
Women at the Oscars: 22 Years 220 Dresses

Oscars Infographic - Media Buying for the 2012 Academy Awards
Infographic: All about Oscar and the Academy Awards

Everything you wanted to know about the Oscars (infographic)

above: detail from IMDB infographic

More infographics (click to view larger in a separate window):

Vulture has a clever infographics for each Best Picture Nominee:

See all the Best Picture nominee infographics from Vulture here

The Face Group did some Augmented Research (above and below) with various infographics as they added variables:

Check that out here.

Slate has a an interactive infographic about The Oscar Acceptance speeches and who gets thanks the most:

There's even an infographic for an Oscar drinking game:

Infographic Credits:
Banyan Branch
US Dish
Locate TV
Drinking game infographic by James A Janisse.
Other sources mentioned within the infographics.

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