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Alien Boob Dress & Eyelashes Galore in Gianni Molaro's Art Couture Collection Runway Show.

Italian art couture and wedding gown designer Gianni Molaro featured his new 2012 Spring/Summer Couture Collection at Rome's Fashion Week (Alta Roma) earlier this month. The show consisted of some couture wedding gowns and a few truly bizarre concoctions (some actually included a working siren light, umbrellas, bicycle wheels and plush tentacles). All were paired with the application of bright eye make-up, a slew of false lashes, up-dos and more than a few rhinestones.

Filled with sculptural art-like gowns and wild styling, it was his "“Fishlike Alien With A Literal Boob In The Center” gown that seems to be receiving the most attention from blogs and newspapers - and much of it negative. While the gown was undoubtedly unattractive, albeit imaginative, it does a disservice to the rest of the collection and the unusual make-up that adorned his runway models.

above: the ugly Alien Boob gown that is not truly reflective of Gianni Molaro's new collection

That said, I wanted to share with you the entire collection and a close-up look at the wild make-up and false eyelash application in the runway show.

images courtesy of Fashion Mag

The designer:

Gianni Molaro

V. ROMA 122
T 081 5297520

On a side note, the designer's art-filled home was featured in La Reppublica Napoli last year, you can view a slideshow of that here.

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