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Creepily Cute Custom Photo Printed Pillows From Pillowmob.

This guy will stay and cuddle as long as you'd like. An image of your favorite person, pet, place or thing can be printed on handmade machine washable pillows. Long distance relationships, those on a diet, fur-allergic pet lovers, even Narcissists can benefit from the $25 throw pillows. And they make a great Valentine's Day gift.

• Two sizes and shapes are available (oval measuring 7" x 11" or round measuring 9" in diameter)
• Vibrant colors and pattern choices for the backside of the pillow
• Free worldwide delivery

Photo Pillow Specifications:
Pillow Dimensions: 7 x 11 inches (oval), 9 x 9 inches (circle) / 18 x 28 cm (oval), 23 x 23 cm (circle)
Shell Material: polyester
Fill Material: polyester
Pillow Weight: 7 oz. / 198 g.
Print Resolution: 180 dots per inch
Place of Origin: Seattle, USA
Care Instructions: Machine washable, cold water with like colors. Air dry.
Manufacturer: PillowMob, LLC

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