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You'll Go Cuckoo Over These Eight Modern Clocks from Italy's Diamantini and Domeniconi.

I happen to be Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks as indicated by a previous round up of modern cuckoos I posted way back in 2007. It's been awhile and since then many new ones have been realized by Italy's Diamantini & Domeniconi, cuckoo and otherwise. Here are a few of my new favorites, all recent designs from within the past two years.

Cucobo by Lorenzo Damiani, 2011

Mantle cuckoo clock, taken from the classic idea of the house, functionally reinterpreted: the roof is the lid of the box you can open to change the batteries and set the time.

Chalet by Studio Interno 2011

The Chalet wall clock takes the classic idea of the Swiss house and reinterprets it in a modern style.

Coco by Enrico Azzimonti, 2011

Coco is a suspended cuckoo clock that can be placed at different heights, brought up or down or rotated in the air, much like a cloud. Two lacquered metal pendulums gently swing back and forth.

Plex LED by Studio Interno, 2011

A cuckoo clock of minimal inspiration with clock hands located under the plexiglass dial and small pedestal feetm making it a tabletop cuckoo clock. The clear methacrylate can be matched to the different lacquered versions of the frames. It is also available in a version with an opaline plexiglass dial inside a white frame. The clock contains LED lights, emitting soft lighting that can be turned on or off.

Polefimo by Enrico Azzimonti, 2011

The base of this clock is actually a money box (or piggy bank as more commonly referred to in the US) allowing you to empty your pockets and archive the coins. Just lift the clock from its base to easily retrieve your coins. The 'eyes' of the Polifemo clock reveal the time.

Tablito e Tablita by Enrico Azzimonti, 2011

A small blackboard clock with chalk you can hang on the wall, on the fridge in the kitchen or anywhere you'd like. You can write in the clock numbers or leave a message, draw numbers or give it a face.

Tablito changes with your feelings. You can add graphics - give him a smile or add thousand hands- and then take them off with the magnetic felt eraser.

Back Nature by Roberto Rizzi, 2010

“Back Nature” is a monument dedicated to Nature. Its modus operandi is inspired by the Baroque style, and has many natural elements in one monochromatic composition.

Icona 225 and Icona 226 by Giovanni Levanti, 2010

The Icona cuckoo clocks are modern geometric wooden cuckoo clocks presented in warm and tasteful matt colours.

Diamantini & Domeniconi

You can find these and other Diamantini and Domeniconi clocks at the following online stores:
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