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Romance That Floats On Your Fingers. Miniature Worlds in Resin Rings by Shannnam.

above: a preview of the The Cupid & Pysche Valentine's Day Rings in the making

Not everyone can afford to spend two month's salary on a diamond ring for their significant other on Valentine's Day (sorry DeBeers). So here's a much less expensive alternative that may be a novelty but it will still make your loved one's heart go a-flutter.

Hong Kong-based handmade accessories designers Shannnam (chan io yau riyo and kwong ho sun howard) have encapsulated miniature worlds in resin to wear upon your finger. For this coming Valentine's Day, they've released a new limited edition collection, Cupid & Psyche, which consists of eight limited edition rings in which sweet couples, young and old, bask in the comfort of one another's company.

“Cupid and Psyche” Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Rings

Until We Don't Meet Again and the Path We Went Through:

The Promise (in four possible variations; Child, Autumn, Maple, Sakura):

Smell The Taste and Until we Don't Meet Again (Spring):

Other views of the Cupid and Psyche Valentine's Day Rings:

The rings are 100% handmade and come in two sizes, small and medium. Presently Shannnam has two collections, Fragmented Chronicles and the limited edition Cupid and Psyche rings.

Their Citizen Rings, shown below, are not yet available for sale:

The Fragmented Chronicles Rings Collection:

You can customize the tiny narratives by choosing from their miniature figures, making them even more personal.

above: The cast of characters from whom you can choose

all images courtesy of Shannam.

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