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King Of The Road, Fit For A King. The EleMMent Palazzo Luxury RV by Marchi Mobile.

Marchi Mobile of Vienna, Austria has recently unveiled a series of three concept vehicles, one of which is the uber luxurious eleMMent RV. The space-age looking eleMMent mobile home is a modern 38 foot long and 13-feet 6 inch tall vehicle weighing over 10 tons. The aerodynamic design is said to result in up to 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Based on an original 2001 design conceived of by the renowned German industrial designer Luigi Colani, the eleMMent RV has a max 530 horsepower turbo charged diesel engine, a rear diffuser made of carbon-fiber and a double tube sport exhaust. The vehicle also boasts an above average safety rating.

A liftable flybridge extends with the push of a button and the stairs are automatic.

Custom night light coating can be added to the vehicle:

The width can slide out to enlarge the internal space by 80%:

An operational fireplace, a 20 sq meter rooftop flybridge, lounge with wet bar, flat screen tv, rainfall shower, hydraulic lift table, sumptuous bedroom, custom exterior night glow lighting and automatic boarding entry are just a few of the fancy features.



The following information is direct from their website:

eleMMent - the concept
The goal of our years of development has not only been to introduce a new line of luxury vehicles – but usher in a new era. This is done by a perfect masterpiece that sets itself apart at first sight. The eleMMent incorporates biomorphic shapes inspired by nature in a symbiotic relationship with design and function.

Partially based on the Colani design, the eleMMent offers reduced fuel consumption of up to 20% by its trendsetting aerodynamics, thus creating economic and ecologic harmony. Despite its eco-friendly values, the eleMMent is truly sportive with more than 500 hp, a unique carbon-fiber rear diffuser and double tube sport exhaust.

On top of that, the eleMMent offers a considerably higher safety rating than regular heavy vehicles due to the high compound strength of the glass fiber plastic cabin and the elevated seating position.

eleMMent -The Range
The different series of the eleMMent offer mobility tailored to your needs, from mobile home or vehicle for your favorite sporting events, to VIP shuttle and promotion vehicle. You will always be one step ahead with the eleMMent.

Even though it encompasses individuality without limits, the eleMMent does come standard with certain things: precise manufacturing from preeminent materials with a passion for details, component functions in a combination that have never been seen before on the market and light lacquering that allows your eleMMent to shine in the darkest night - a first in the automotive world.

Welcome to the new era in luxury vehicles.

The Company - Marchi Mobile
People never fail to notice innovation; but rarely does the excitement for it last. The passion for the new found extraordinary fades, fascinating for only the moment.

That is how it began for us. But now – after many years of development – we sparked a fire in luxury mobility. Marchi Mobile as an automotive brand represents exclusivity and extravagance that requires no explanation.

The eleMMent series from Marchi Mobile is a new class within the premium segment of vehicles, targeted to enthuse lovers of the extraordinary and visionaries that are stylistically at ease.

Only the finest companies and partners have been chosen to contribute to this masterpiece of German craftsmanship. Become part of the exclusive circle of eleMMent owners. Experience the prestige and comfort in a royal atmosphere that will create admiration among others - a feeling that few dare to explore.

Marchi Mobile GmbH
Euro Plaza
Am Euro Platz 2
1120 Vienna
Tel. 0043 1 71 72 8 238
Fax 0043 1 71 72 8 110


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