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Samuel Aguiar of Shiny Hammer Brings Us A Unique Style of Industrial Furnishings.

Shiny Hammer products are handmade in France by the french industrial designer Samuel Aguiar. The primary purpose of Shiny Hammer is the creation of furniture for the home that blurs the border between use and art. The brand's aim comes from the desire to create unconventional and timeless objects.

As a couturier or an architect would do, each creation becomes a representation of a lifestyle, an environment or a culture.

Each piece is signed with an emblazed emblem (above) and developed, produced and crafted one by one.


This chair is the result of a manufacturing process developed by Shiny Hammer called C.I.M. which is aimed at using a bending process which is rough yet sophisticated. The end result is unpredictable, although controlled. As a result, each chair is unique.

Materials : aluminum, steel, fiberglass and foam.
Finishes : Brushed or polished aluminum
Dimensions : H 79 x W 43 x seat H 45 cm


This fixture is the perfect fusion of two domains : crafts and computing. It is composed of 570 aluminum parts that are laser-cut and assembled one by one by hand. The lighting is composed of three light bulbs that project light towards the floor and through all the facets.

Materials : aluminum, inox steel
Finish : brushed aluminum
Dimensions : D 81 x H 59 cm. Cables' length to choose.


Limited edition of 10 copies. Inspired by the world of aeronautics, Shone is a timeless fixture suspended by metal wires. Like a piece of jewelry, its faceted body contains a light source set within the structure. When lit, it projects an ambient light towards the ceiling, reflecting both on the ceiling and on the various surfaces around Shone.

Materials : aluminum and fiberglass
Finishes : Brushed or polished aluminum
Dimensions : D 120 x H 80 cm. Cables' length to choose.


Limited edition of 10 copies. Both functional and decorative, Dallas is a safe, an eccentric sculpture on a scale of 1. This piece combines several quality materials such as aluminum and leather.

Materials : aluminum, leather, wood, fiberglass, and steel
Finishes : brushed aluminum, black leather
Dimensions : L 171 x W 47 x H 137 cm

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Shiny Hammer of France creates mass-produced, limited editions and unique pieces on request.

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