Blinged Out Brain Buckets. NFL Helmets With Hand Applied Swarovski Crystals.

In addition to blinging out animal and human skulls, artist Quinn Gregory of Chicago also takes authentic Riddell Proline Football Helmets (as worn by NFL players) and hand-applies over 12,500 Swarovski crystals to them.

above: Chiefs, Cowboys and Bengals Swarovski Crystal embellished football helmets by Quinn Gregory

The process takes 3 weeks to complete and the finished helmet is a truly stunning conversation piece that any football fanatic - or player- would cherish in their home or office.

Kansas City Chiefs Helmet:

Quinn was commissioned to create one of these beautiful brain buckets for Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones. The helmet is to be auctioned off at the Team's annual charity event.

Dallas Cowboys helmet:

Cincinnati Bengals helmet:

Quinn can be commissioned to design a Swarovski encrusted Helmet for all NFL teams or NCAA college helmets at the price of $1,800. You can contact him with any requests or questions here

Quinn Gregory


michael said...

WOW - those are so cool! I have to get one for whoever wins the superbowl tomorrow!!

gog said...

I'm usually faily immune to the stuff you might run into on the internet, and your blog tends to entertain more than offend, but that is the STUPIDEST, tacky, gawdawful shite I've ever seen. srsly. barf!

Jessi said...

Dear gog:

You're tacky.

Love Jessi

gog said...

owch! i really don't know how to reply to that, you've devastated me!
i guess i will never be as stylish as you, so fabulous at your GLBT superbowl party, wearing these abominations, and playing out some tragic fantasy like you are wanted, welcome, or even tolerated by the straight, homophobic, racist, middle-class, middle-america you fetishize and desperately seek to curry favor from. Sports people hate you, stop trying to make it into something you parade about the gaybar with. its depressing, and you jessi, are a traitor to the queer community.
and double0tacky, no returns, stamped it , no erasies. nyaaa!

Anne said...

Wow. These are pretty amazing. Could see these being a fabulous piece in Fans' homes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how do I get one?!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.