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More Crazy Kicks for Adidas by Jeremy Scott for 2012 Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

Several different pairs of Adidas sneakers -and I use that term loosely- by the irreverent fashion designer Jeremy Scott have been designed over the past few years and more new ones have just arrived for 2012 Spring/Summer and new designs for 2012 Fall/Winter are leaking out.

First, a sneak peek at some of the new Jeremy Scott Designs for Adidas 2012 Fall/Winter collection:

above: a preview of what's coming from Jeremy Scott for Adidas Fall/Winter 2012. Images courtesy of Eu Kicks and Wait Fashion

Below is a look at some of Jeremy Scott's unusual shoe designs for Adidas which are presently available. From the Adidas ObyO (Originals by Originals) collection, the following shoes come in both adult and children's sizes available depending upon the style.

The JS wings is one of the best known designs by Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Previously available in metallic leather, colored leathers and camo is now available in lollipop-colors, denim, stars and stripes, satin, translucent and glow in the dark.



Stars and Stripes:


Glow In The Dark:


Jeremy Scott's clothing collections for Adidas are equally as wild (Madonna's dancers in the Super Bowl were wearing them, here's a few highlights.

To see the latest Jeremy Scott fashions for the brand, check out the look book for the Summer 2012 Jeremy Scott Adidas fashions here on Hypebeast.

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