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The Victorinox Tomo. New Sweet Swiss Army Knives by Kazuma Yamaguchi.

Victorinox, best known for their classic Swiss Army Knives, teamed up with Abitax founder Kazuma Yamaguchi in Tokyo to design an exclusive new pocket knife available in seven colors.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Tomo, meaning friend in Japanese, introduces a slimmer case and package. This small companion combines renowned design from Japan with Swiss precision and quality.

The packaging for Tomo is also different than that of their traditional pocket knives, it is made of 100% recycled and reusable paper pulp.

A specially designed leather case for TOMO is also available:

This small companion is earth friendly, fitting perfectly with Victorinox Swiss Army’s ecological philosophy.

$24 USD. Buy them here.

The design and packaging are the work of Japanese designer Kazuma Yamaguchi. His designs are just as useful as they are aesthetically appealing and are available for purchase from design shops under the design label ABITAX. Below is a video of Yamaguchi explaining the design process.

Victorinox Tomo

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