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Mouth Watering Gift Wrap. Conceptual Wrapping Paper from Gift Couture.

Sarah Fey and Justin Colt, New York graphic designers and graduates of Penn State University, have conceived of a new way to make your gifts even more desirable.

They've begun a start-up company named Gift Couture that offers coordinated wrapping paper lines, each featuring a unique and original concept. Their introductory design is truly a tasty one.

The Cheeseburger set they chose as the initial project includes 5 different wrapping paper designs; a bun, hamburger, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, all of the components of a Cheeseburger.

Each complete set of Cheeseburger wrapping paper will be packaged and include the following:
2 - 27" x 40" Sheets of Bun
1 - 27" x 40" Sheet of Hamburger
1 - 27" x 40" Sheet of Cheese
1 - 27" x 40" Sheet of Lettuce
1 - 27" x 40" Sheet of Tomatoes

In order to get this project and Gift Couture off the ground, they are asking for pre-order funding via kickstarter. This will encourage and enable them to release additional coordinated sets, which will be available online and through retail partners.

Everyone who contributes to their project will be featured on a special contributors section of the upcoming official Gift Couture website. They are also offering individual wrapping paper sheets or complete sets, and their highest backers will each receive one of their hand-made golden cheeseburger trophies (shown below) as a sign of their appreciation!

Order your Cheeseburger gift wrap set and help Sarah and Justin to launch Gift Couture here.

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