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Dumb Fun for the Holidays. Cheap Gifts Guaranteed to get a Giggle.

I know not everyone loves a gag gift or novelty gift. But for those who do, you need not look further than

Wellies, Cowboy Boot & Suede Ugg stockings
Why hang the typical Christmas stockings on the mantel when you can personalize the tradition with either Wellies, Cowboy Boots or Suede Uggs instead? These 'stockings' are great for the Seattlean (or Brit), The Two-stepper or the trendy Los Angeleno:

Made of sturdy and high quality fabric these stylish Christmas Boot Stockings measure approx. 19" tall x 15" wide. $14.99 each. Buy them here

"I Still Have The Receipt" Bow and Ribbon
Did you take a risk with that gift? Are you fairly certain the recipient will be disappointed? Then spare them embarrassment by wrapping it with these ribbons and bows on which are printed "I still have the receipt."

$3.99 buy them here

Glitter Bacon Ornament
What Christmas Tree would be complete without a sparkly glitter Bacon ornament? For the pork-lover in your life:

$15.99, buy it here

Jeez-its Sticky Notes
Nothing like a religious reminder to keep you organized. The Jeez-its Sticky Notes come in a colorful little book and ask WWJD?

$6.49, buy them here

Hanukkah Candy Canes
Everyone likes Candy canes (even us Jews), so here's some Chanukah Canes:

The Hanukkah Candy Canes are peppermint flavored and $7.95 a box, buy them here

Bacon Candy Canes
And some for the decidedly Non-Kosher crowd... Bacon Flavored Candy Canes!

$7.49 a box, buy them here

Pooping Moose Christmas Sweaters
Holiday Sweaters are awful to begin with, so why not just go for it and rock the Pooping Moose Holiday Sweaters?

On sale right now for $27.99, buy them here

Santa Claus Beard Beanie
Keep your head and your face warm with the wool and acrylic knit santa hat complete with beard and stache:

$29.99, buy it here carries tons of other stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, be sure to check them out.

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