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Ties That Talk. Introducing The Blake Bradford Line of Silk Panel Ties.

Blake Bradford is a new line of handmade silk panel ties on which individual words are printed. The black or white ties have adjectives such as 'complicated', 'elusive', 'rude', 'mysterious', 'dynamic' and 'dangerous' that represent the brand’s core values of individuality, creativity and philanthropy.

The Blake Bradford philosophy is to break free of the attachment to physical things and focus on experiences, ideas and companionship with others. The emphasis is no longer on the articles of clothing a person wears, but on the people themselves.

The process of making a Blake Bradford woven silk panel tie is as unique and striking as the ties themselves. Traditional neckties are made using a pattern that repeats itself on the loom, but a Blake Bradford requires much more attention.

Each and every Blake Bradford panel tie is handmade in Brooklyn, using the exact location of the design as a guide. Even the slightest error in cutting or folding the woven silk would alter the design’s location and appearance of the tie.

Designer Geoffrey Blake conceived of the Blake Bradford woven silk panel tie as a way to identify and/or express oneself in traditionally conservative environments. The choice is yours: button your jacket to conceal your identity, or transform your environment.

Much of the text in this post has been reprinted from the Blake Bradford web site with their permission.

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