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The Modern Letter Opener from Hannah Martin London Is Now Available.

Hannah Martin of London, known for their elegant and modern jewelry designs, was set the task of reinventing the traditional letter opener by Wallpaper* Magazine earlier this year, as part of their 'Handmade' Issue.

above: sketches and protoypes of the letter opener

They had so many requests to put this into production, they caved under popular demand and have put the beautiful desk accessory into production in three finishes.

Anthracite Grey (solid brass with a grey powder-coated finish):

Intense Navy (solid brass with a navy blue powder-coated finish):

Silver (solid brass with heavy sterling silver plate):

The beautiful modern letter opener goes on sale Friday (tomorrow) at London's Design Museum in Anthracite Grey or Intense Navy. But it's available to purchase NOW at their online site,, along with an exclusive sterling silver plated edition.

As with their jewels, this letter opener is handmade from start to finish in London.

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