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Weaving Together Luxury, Comfort and Style - Turkish T Artisan Towels & Linens.

Turkish T artisan linens and towels are hand-loomed and environmentally friendly. Combining usefulness with luxury, they come in a rainbow of colors and can be used in the kitchen, on the dining table, by the pool, at the beach, as throw blankets, as accents on furniture and much more.

In the kitchen:

On the table:

Available in a multitude of sizes and various weights, the 100% unbleached cotton towels and linens turn a utilitarian product into one infused with style and luxury. Gaining softness with every wash, they are manufactured on ancient Turkish hand looms.

Absorbent and beautiful, they are great for poolside or at the beach:

The linen hand towels below are a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow and featured on her blog, Goop:

The Bamboo Towel (50% Bamboo 50% Cotton) is for those that appreciate hand loomed turkish cotton but understand the need to be handled with care:

They make great gifts for others or yourself. With so many styles and colors, you'll find anything for anyone!
Check out all their styles, sizes and colors here.

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