Now, That's a Bow Worth Keeping! Ribbonesia's Sculptural Animal Bows.

Ribbonesia is an art project by artist 'BAKU' Maeda. Turning ordinary ribbons into animals and animal heads since 2008, the sculptural bows are a beautiful example of talented artistry and handiwork.

Shaped like bears, panda bears, foxes, lions, horses, frogs, seals, birds, dogs and more, Ribbonesia has also begun to sell wearable bows and created a board book of their creations.

I bet none of your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts have bows this pretty.

Their latest range of wearable bows; Fox, Cat, Lion and Dog shown below, can be purchased:

buy the wearable bows here.

The talented folks behind Ribbonesia:

Artist : Baku Maeda / 前田麦
Creative Director :Toru Yoshikawa / 吉川徹
Art Director : Ryo Ueda / 上田亮 [Commune]
Web Designer : Fumiaki Hmagami / 濱上文暁[imaginarystroke]
Photographer : Kei Furuse / 古瀬桂
Printing Director:Manami Sato[佐藤 麻奈美] / Atsuhiro Kondo[近藤 篤祐]

Baku Maeda


Anonymous said...

That's pretty novel. Kudos to Baku for "reinventing the mousetrap." ;-) Oh, and to you as well for finding and sharing it here.

I had a hard time taking it all in 'cause I was constantly being distracted by the cool stuff in your sidebar...

French Press VINTAGE said...

damn, that takes skill. I'm impressed.

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.