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Four Fun and Funky Mirrors by Designer Paola Navone for Casamilano.

Designer Paola Navone's Mirrors for Casamilano are decorative and still functional. Adding light and reflection to an interior space with some whimsy and style.

Cut Up Negatives Make For Positively Awesome Christmas Ornaments at Glak Love.

Artist and Principal Designer Angelyn Pass of Atanta Georgia's Glak Love has trademarked Celluloidic Artistry™, a process in which she turns exposed film negatives into positively stunning, art, quirky holiday ornaments and jewelry.

An on-hiatus actress, she found herself cutting up old film negatives because, as she says "...I don’t know, maybe it was cathartic."  She became mesmerized by the moments captured on film and was inspired to begin making collages out of them, which resulted in several different items including these lovely and unusual handmade, Christmas ornaments.

Each ornament measures 80mm, has glitter 'snow' in the ball and a ribbon attached for hanging.

Shipping Details: Shipped via First Class mail, with shipping times varying by destination. For domestic shipping, please allow up to 1 week for delivery; For International, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipping. Orders over 2 ornaments are shipped via Priority Mail. Each ornament comes in its own gift box, ready to give as a present to someone special, including yourself.

Shop for the ornaments here

Modern, Adorable and Affordable Lamps from BuoKids.

BuoKids is a personal project of Roberto Celada and Raquel Esteve, members of “rqrstudio”, and children Angela, Carlos and Daniel who are their inspiration and who give the nod to their products.

Hamlet Lamps - Modernist Colored Skulls in Transparent Polymer Add An Eerie Glow.

Hamlet are transparent polymer table lamps in Red, Violet or White available at Skitsch. Each side can be used as the base. E14 bulb connection.

Dimensions L14,5 W19 H19,5 cm
Price 95.00 €
Buy them here

They've Got Your Number- Or Your Name - In Lights.

Delightfull lamps of Portugal, who makes many wonderful pendant, table and floor lamps in modern designs has just announced its newest (and very hip) Graphic Lamp Collection. Floor, table and wall fixtures based on a wide selection of iconic type fonts with a Delightfull twist.

The unique lamps are inspired by marquis type signage and feature individual letters, numbers and signs in various fonts, forms, colors and bulbs.

MATERIALS: Aluminum, Brass, Acrylic, Iron
BULBS: E27, E14, Neon, Filament

Shop Delightfull here

Dressing Up Your Drawers. 70's Pop Imagery On Dressers With Classic Silhouettes From Ypsilon.

Ypsilon of Italy is known for their luxurious bathroom furnishings, most of which are chests of drawers and vanities in an ornate style. However, they've just added the Ypsilon POP collection, designed by BB Associati for the brand. The free standing laquered wood chests of drawers feature fun colors and imagery, combining a 70's pop art element with a classic silhouette.

They can even customize them with an image of your own choosing, such as your own dog or face. The two drawer chests are designed for any room in the house and are available in gloss, matte or two color.



For pricing and other information, contact them at


Marina's Birds. Modern Design Meets Folk Art In These Charming Tabletop and Suspended Ceiling Lights.

Marina's Birds by Belarus designer Fajno is a collection of prototype ceiling and tabletop lamps that are a charming mix of modern and folk art attributes.

The tabletop lamps are single bird shaped objects made of either wood and glass or colored plastic and glass. The light, encased in glass, serves as the head.

The suspended chandeliers are clusters of these bird shaped lights with a matching ceiling mount.

They work in both home and office, appeal to both adults and children and males or females. If only I could buy them.

See more work by Fanjo at

Mid-Century Modern Wall-Mounted Plant Pods For Succulents by Dominic Fiorello Studio.

After researching the care needed for succulent plants, designer Dominic Fiorello designed this pod-like planter to be created on a CNC router. They hang vertically to display all the different views that can potentially be seen in an individual pod.

Seeing RED At The Conran Shop. Over 40 Designers Do It In RED to Mark 25 Years.


The Conran Shop is pleased to announce RED, a special exhibition to mark 25 years at the Michelin Building during the London Design Festival 2012. The exhibition will include works by over 40 designers including Jasper Morrison, Thomas Heatherwick, Nendo, John Pawson, Ingo Maurer, Marcel Wanders, Raw Edges and Alexander Taylor.

No Room For An Aquarium? Think Again. 20 Unusual Places
In Your Home For Fish Tanks.

I've been obsessed with fish tanks and aquariums for quite awhile. I even record Tanked (which I highly recommend). But I never seem to have the space needed to put a saltwater or freshwater aquarium in my home. Then again, I hadn't considered all the following options.

What about turning the surround of your fireplace into a giant aquarium?

Or how about adding it to a wide doorway?

above: both fireplace and doorway aquariums by Seavisions

Build it into an existing shelving unit:

Or just putting a tank into that fireplace you never use?

That space under your stairs may just be the perfect spot:

Or replacing that wet bar with a bar/aquarium

above: Bespoke Aquarium Bar and Glass Staircase, both designed by Ali Musani

Here are a bunch of possibilities that may not have crossed your mind, in rooms you may have not considered.

The Kitchen

Building it into your backsplash is a great look:

Poggenpohl and Aquafront have teamed up to design a series of new kitchens which contain built in fish tanks or aquariums. In the backsplash or the cabinetry, the tanks can hold saltwater fish, freshwater fish or even jellyfish:

You can put an aquarium in a kitchen island, above a cooktop or into the built-in cabinetry:

above: custom kitchen island aquarium by Commercial Marine Displays

Or even punctuate a cooktop with a built -in aquarium like the one below by Phil Kean:

You could always turn your kitchen table into an aquarium like this custom one created for a Fridgidaire showroom:

The Bathroom
Adding an aquarium to your bathroom is an option in either the tub surround, the shower walls, or at the edge of the tub, like the one pictured in what used to be the home of Kanye West.

above: custom bathroom aquarium by City Aquarium

The Plano Acquario Shower offers a built in aquarium wall as an option:

The Hollywood Hills bathroom of Kanye West (no longer owned by him):

And of course, Moody makes both a sink and a bathtub with built in aquariums:

The Moody Acquario tub:

There's even a toilet that houses fish, if you must.
The Aquariass by Oliver Beckert or the Fish n' Flush from AquaOne:

The Bedroom
How about an aquarium headboard?

above: from the Furnitureland South bed display and below: for NFL star Chad Ochocinco.

or in a bedroom fireplace:

And lastly, the TV Tank from Picturehouse hides your screen within a fishtank:

Custom aquarium designs, builds and installations are available from the following companies:
Okeanos Group
Aquarium Design Group
Aqua Design Group
Aquatic Design Company
City Aquarium
Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
Just Add Water (Jaws Aquariums)

Looking for wall mounted, tabletop and other fish tanks? 
Check out my Pinterest board of hip Aquariums and fish tanks

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