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Like Booze? Sex? Have I Got A Drink For You. Introducing Aphrodope Elixir.

From Australia comes Aphrodope Elixir - an herb and berry liqueur claiming to be the world's first true aphrodisiac in a bottle.

In their own words:
Aphrodope Elixir is a strong 35% Alc/Vol Liqueur. It is a known fact that alcohol is one of the top ten aphrodisiacs. In small doses it is able to elevate your mood and lower your inhibitions, raise libido and enhance sexual pleasure.

Aphrodope Elixir can have a remarkable effect on the libido of those that may be a bit shy when it comes to flirting and sex. However, dependence on Aphrodope for its aphrodisiac-like qualities can result in mistakes in judgment that you may regret in the morning.

The Aphrodope Elixir recipe is based on herbs, berries and seeds, which are known as natural stimulants, able to promote sexual stimulation and enhance mood.

Some of the herbs used in the Aphrodope Elixir recipe contain essential natural oils which release fragrance in the air. The smell of Aphrodope Elixir can also be stimulating and arouse senses and libido.

The 500ml bottle (which sells for about $45- $50) is seductively embossed with a sculpture of ancient lovers:

Buy it here.

The little 50ml bottles are sold as a sixpack:

Buy the little bottles at their online store here.

The site has many recipes and ways to serve it; hot, cold, mixed.. even with espresso beans or red bull. They also have uses for the liqueur in food, see the recipe section here for more info.

I have yet to find a formal review, nor have I tried it myself, so I can't tell you actually tell you how it tastes. Or if it really works.

But if it does, I foresee an increase in both alcoholism and sex addiction.

all images and information courtesy of Aphrodope
Manufactured and distributed by Naked Chef of Moorabbin, Melbourne

Shop their online store here.

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