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Fishes Eddy Serves Up Pills, Intervention & Urban Tableware

Fishs Eddy, the tableware and restaurant supply store in New York is always a blast to browse and three of their newest collections do not disappoint.

Pills, Intervention-ware and Urban Palette all capitalize on today's society of over-medicated, over-eating urbanites with hilarious dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe tableware.

Pills is a fun new collection consisting of a small oval tray, a mug and coasters that feature photographic images of capsules, pills and other meds.

Small oval Pills tray. The Pills mug features a light blue interior:

Pills coasters are sold in a set of 12:

Buy the Pills collection here.

Intervention-ware features a dinner plate and a salad plate designed to make you think twice about whether or not you truly need to indulge.

Dinnerplate, 10 1/4" diameter:

The text on the border reads:
Do you really need that second helping? It's hard to be around you when you eat like this. Please stop eating. We're worried about you. For the love of god stop eating.

Salad Plate, 8 1/4" diameter:

buy Intervention-ware here.

The Urban Palette Dinnerware was clearly inspired by the Pantone Collection of dinnerware (which they used to carry), but this is different -and exclusive to Fishs Eddy.

In lieu of the color blocks being labeled with PMS colors and numbers, they have handwritten words that describe the colors of the city, such as East River, Pigeon, Great Lawn, Knish, Postal Blue, Chrysler, etc.

Soup bowls, 9 1/4" diameter:

Dinner plates, 11" diameter:

mugs (12 oz):

Buy the Urban Palette collection here.

or just browse the many fun things you can find at Fishs Eddy.

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