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Bamboo For Baby Is The Bomb! Castor & Chouca Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Innovative French brand Castor & Chouca creates eco-friendly bamboo baby products inspired by innovations in the medical field as well as design. Crafted in France, the pieces and collections combine modern simplicity with futuristic design and a concern for the world we live in.

Their green high end furniture is crafted with ecological and recyclable raw materials (massive bamboo-slat, linen, organic cotton, recyclable components) the furniture is made to last and not to be thrown away.

With products for infants to toddlers to juniors, their lines are broken down into four collections, one of which is actually recycled and repurposed products.

The Hop! Cradle

The Hop! Bassinet Trolley:

The Hop! Sofa kit:

The 1,2,3 Soleil All In One (crib, changing table and junior desk):

The Generous Furniture Baby Cot:

The Generous Furniture Nappy Changing Commode:

The Generous Furniture Junior Bed:

They brilliantly recycle their products as well, so you can choose from repurposed products in their Generation Offer -Recycled collection.

Design Cradle (recycled):

About them:
Castor & Chouca is the child of a french manufacture in Marciac (south of France). Its three founders: Philippe Ossona de Mendez (designer and co-designer of the brand), Jérôme Lasserre and Bruno Flinois wanted a brand to answer new parents' demand: secure, eco-friendly and nice design products for their families.

Castor & Chouca is an innovative french brand which creates and produces furniture, accessories and textile products, dedicated to the blooming of the children. An eco-design universe, a contemporary atmosphere, a collection inspired by child care in maternity hospitals (practical and safe) and designs in the heart of the parents' home a line of decorative furniture (innovation and design) for children. Castor & Chouca stands apart as well by the originality and quality of the chosen materials and the evolution of each of its creations which follows the child in his development.

Castor & Chouca
9 Villa des Sablons
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
T : +33 (0)1 47 22 25 99
F : +33 (0)1 47 22 41 64

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