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Unusual Integrated Furniture Designs From Ontwerpers Nu

On December 16, 2008 Ontwerpers Nu, a Netherland design company, founded by Christiaan Oppewal and Silvijn van der Velden, suffered a tragic fire in their warehouse, which destroyed absoutely everything. 2009 was a fresh start for the company as they moved into the RDM Innovation Dock, part of the RDM Campus.

Ontwerpers Nu continues to create new designs during the rebuilding-process. A company, firmly rooted in the present, they are working on a new future without looking back and they have lots of unusual products that exemplify just that.

Increasingly skilled and possessing what they call a "dutch mentality", they deliver visionary objects, furniture and products. The designs are sold nationally as well as internationally, and are used in private, public and commercial surroundings.

Here are some of their wildly innovative designs and products.

The Bright Table
The Bright Table is a combination coffee table, fish bowl, fruit dish, vase and design light... all in one. Made of bright white fiber reinforced artificial resin, even the lamp comes with it.

€ 880, -
Colour: bright white
Size: 99 x 136 x 31 cm.
Detail: lamp included

Light Up

Deep sea fish becomes furniture.
Some deep sea creatures catch their food with lights on their heads. These striking animals have been an inspiration for a chair with a light, organically shaped. The Light Up would be a real eye catcher in a lounge or a waiting room, but also the living room would benefit from this special object. We have paid special attention to the ergonomics of this chair, which will benefit your back. The Light Up is made of maintenance free material and will look great in the garden too.

Production and delivery on special request only.
Material: fiber reinforced artificial resin, steel construction
Colour: blue / white
Size: 120 x 155 x 210 cm.

Cleanroom Chair

A digital chair.
This chair combines great ergonomics with extreme functionality. Therefore it is a very suitable object for the use of laptops on flexible work places and in waiting rooms. But it can also be a minimal office for a home worker. It was designed as an extension of your body which makes it really comfortable. The design was incorporated into the collection of NgispeN, the new designlabel of Gispen. Available in every colour possible.

Material: fiber reinforced artificial resin, metal frame
Colour: bright white, green, lack, blue, red, yellow
Size: 80 x 100 x 73 cm.

Cabinet Chair

The first Cabinet Chair was designed for the lobby of a hotel. Guests can have a look at brochures and books in this chair. Moreover, it is possible to use the internet with a build in monitor and keyboard. It’s the perfect information desk with a twist. In libraries, flexible working places, a waiting room or at home it can be a beautiful eye catcher too. The drawer is delivered together with the Cleanroom Chair and the required equipment.

Material: timber, metal frame with powder coating
Colour: bright white or royal blue
Size: 82 x 193 x 222 cm.

Please contact them for pricing and availability.
Postal address:
Sonmansstraat 46 b1
3039 DK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Heijplaatweg 21
Havennummer 2600
3089 JB Rotterdam
06 1508 3213

Telephone: +31 (0) 10 4777029

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