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The Tramp Stamp Goes Upscale With CHANEL Temporary Tattoos

With the body art craze continuing to grow, it's no surprise that a luxury brand would capitalize on the trend. And it seems that french brand CHANEL is the first to market luxury temporary rub-on tattoos, LES TROMPE-L'OEIL DE CHANEL.

In the Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris, the models were not only sporting fashionable fabrics, but a series of temporary tattoos designed and applied by Peter Philips, the Global Creative Director for CHANEL makeup.

Chanel CD Peter Philips applying the body art:

They are now selling the fifty-five exclusive temporary tattoos, originally hand-drawn by Peter Philips. Artful images of CHANEL symbols and icons, including Oriental cherry blossoms, bejeweled Swallows, Chanel's double CC logo, strands of pearls, link chains and toggle clasps have been turned into rub-on body art. They add visual trompe l'oeil jewelry to the body in the form of classic ornamentation.

necklaces and leg art:


Yes, you can buy them.

Created as a special limited edition, the set of 55 of the applicable body art is now available for purchase from Chanel boutiques ($75), online stores and at Selfridges. They only take 30 seconds to apply and last a few days.
Buy them here.

images courtesy of Chanel,the Daily Mail, LA Story and Luxuo

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