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New Modern Loft In Hamburg (and A Previous One), Germany By GRAFT

GRAFT has recently completed Loft Hamburg, a beautiful modern loft in Hamburg, Germany as a personal residence for client Vanessa Kullmann.

Reportedly costing $200,000, the loft makes wonderful use of space with a freestanding centralized wood veneer kitchen that contains a half bath and built-ins whose surfaces blend into the wall angles.

Materials like stone and wood bring a warmth to the modern design and the space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate media and work needs as well as living and lounging needs.

Note how the wall panel and console top slide open and closed to reveal the monitor and storage:

Recessed lighting and built in banquets help to make the most of the space:

Tile serves as both a bathtub backsplash and seamlessly blends into the kitchen flooring:

The 2010 Hamburg loft has evolved since their similarly designed 2005 Loft Gleimstrasse in Berlin (shown below). Although similar conceptually, and equally sculptural, the Hamburg loft has more angular accents and planes as well as an added sophistication and elegance as a result of the materials used.

GRAFT was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles and Berlin as a label for Architecture, Urban Planning, Exhibition Design, Music and and the pursuit of happiness by Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz und Thomas Willemeit. In 2001, they opened a second office in Berlin and in 2004, together with partner Gregor Hoheisel, opened another office in Peking. In 2007 Alejandra Lillo joined the firm as a partner for Graft LA.

all images courtesy of GRAFT

above: Lars Krückeberg, Gregor Hoheisel (Bejing), Alejandra Lillo (Los Angeles), Thomas Willemeit, Wolfram Putz

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