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Tord Boontje Designs For The HP Mini

Play a game of hide and seek with over 30 endangered creatures on the limited edition HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje. Inspired by harmony in nature and designed by world-renowned industrial designer Tord Boontje, it is intricately crafted using HP Imprint 3D, a world’s first in 3D surface technology.

The Partnership

World-renowned industrial designer, Tord Boontje, is a recipient of multiple prestigious design awards and many of his pieces are displayed in museums around the world. HP and Tord both share a common philosophy – to be socially and environmentally responsible, and to influence others in doing the same.

The Design- A World's First

This exclusive HP Imprint 3D finish is beautifully adorned with flora that weaves delicately around endangered animals, creating a mystical, layered effect.

A closer look reveals shy animals hiding delicately within the flora – like taking a walk in the woods and discovering animals along the way. But these are no ordinary animals – many are endangered animals such as the polar bear, the blue whale, the red squirrel – just a few of the many creatures relying on us to help sustain the world that we share.

Make smarter choices for the environment

This HP Mini features a 10.1-inch mercury-free LED backlit display for increased energy efficiency. With packaging and user guides that are made 100% from recycled materials and printed with soy-based ink, you can now play your part for the environment.


Awaken your senses and enjoy wallpapers and special icons* designed by Tord Boontje, plus a customised Stardock MyColors™* desktop theme for a truly personal experience. Matching accessories are also available separately:

Easy access, easy sync

Gain fast access to the Internet with HP QuickWeb#, even without booting up. Instantly sync all your favourite music, video and files via HP QuickSync.
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