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HOMA - The Hotel Of Modern Art In The Yuzi Paradise Of China.

Thanks to the kiwi collection, a fabulous site of the world's greatest hotels, I have discovered HOMA, the Hotel of Modern Art in China, part of the Relais-Chateaux group of luxury hotels.

In the middle of the untouched Chinese landscape, surrounded by lakes, rice paddies and cone-shaped mountains, lies the Yuzi Paradise. Amongst the two hundred international sculptures found in this extraordinary setting is the hotel, itself a piece of contemporary art.

Various modern art sculptures and installations, amazing scenery, an indoor gallery, atelier, multiple restaurants, a spa, one-of-a-kind rooms and fabulous activities like river trips, art classes, tai chi, horseback riding, rock climbing and bike riding make this a desirable destination for just about anyone.

A large triangular chalet with grass-covered rooftops and smoked glass windows, the hotel is devoted to contemporary creations and home to the large suites, some of which are duplexes and shown later in this post.

The hotel lobby:

Indoor art gallery:

the Atelier (shop):

The Setting

Set against Guilin's emerald hills, the 1000-acre park is home to sculptures from international artists as well as the unusual hotel.

The Rooms

The only Chinese hotel in the Relais & Chateaux alliance, HOMA has 46 unique rooms. Like the postmodern park it calls home, the hotel's aesthetic is clean and contemporary. Though no two rooms are the same, guests can expect plush linens, smooth surfaces, flatscreen TVs, and pieces of inspired artwork.

The Lotus Suite:

The Family Suite:

The Family Room:

The Cavern Suite:

The Dynasty Suite:

The Libre Suite:

Deluxe Double:

Standard Double:

Standard Twin:

The Restaurants

The Cave Restaurant:

The Lotus Restaurant:

Lakeside dining:

The Spa

The Flying Spa exterior:

The spa lobby:

Spa treatment rooms:

And more
Art classes for any age:

The Swimming Pool:

Words from the founder, Rhy Chang Sao:

Many people have wondered why I should throw myself into a quixotic arts project like Yuzi Paradise and the Hotel of Modern Art. I've been called a fool many times over, so I decided to give my park the ironic name of Yuzi Paradise, or "Fool's Paradise" in Chinese. "The fool enjoys doing what he believes is right", as I've said many times over. We all know that private funding for the construction of art parks is rare enough even in developed countries. Many people of means simply decide to rest on their laurels and enjoy material comforts.

But I, the fool, observed that while China now enjoys more material wealth, we still lack aesthetics in our daily life. To enrich the nation and the world's aesthetics is my life's goal.

This may be hard for some people to grasp. Regardless, I will continue in my pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Life means more than wealth or power. Life needs an artistic, spiritual dimension, and an environment in which to experience it.

As a world famous scenic spot, Guilin boasts a beautiful natural landscape, yet until recently, there has been little of cultural relevance. Since the Song Dynasty, people have been coming to Guilin to enjoy the mountains and the rivers, to be baptized by the beauty of scenery. Now, with our world-class art park, visitors can revel to the wonder of natural mountains in dialogue with human-crafted sculpture.

Yuzi Paradise and HOMA have helped set the course for a new kind of culture, joining talents from China, Taiwan, and other artists worldwide. By infusing cultural elements into our beautiful natural surroundings, we offer a new experience of art and nature. --Founder Rhy Chang Tsao

Central reservation office (United States)
+1 800 735 2478*
Or book through the kiwi collection here.

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