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The Porta Hedge Allows You To Study Nature Incognito & Eco-consciously

The Porta Hedge is a mobile artificial hedge created by Justin Shull. The exterior repurposes discarded artificial Christmas trees and on the inside, it can accommodate people, offering them an opportunity to study what's around them, such as birds and plants, all while enshrouded and incognito from nature.

above: exterior, Mixed media, including artificial Christmas trees, birdsong audio, video surveillance cameras, 21′x8′x6′

above and below: interior Mobile Observation Lab

As described by the designer:
Like all hedges, the Porta Hedge is a physical barrier that provides a certain amount of privacy in the guise of greenery. Built within the ‘green’ paradigm, the Porta Hedge features several eco-conscious design features including solar power, a small physical footprint (2 tires and a swivel jack), recycled Christmas trees on the exterior, living plants and wood finishing on the interior, and the relaxing sound of birdsong audio on the interior and exterior.

BRANCHES: The exterior of the Porta Hedge is constructed from thousands of recycled artificial Christmas tree branches donated by 7,000 EVERGREENS Instead of going to the landfill, these artificial tree branches become part of a new mobile landscape.

AUDIO: The Porta Hedge also features exterior audio of prerecorded, arranged birdsong. Robins, Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jays and Mourning Doves are just a few of the birds that one hears crooning softly from the Porta Hedge.

WILDLIFE HABITAT: A study is currently under way on the Summer '09 Tour to determine if the combination of artificial branches and precorded birdsong audio will attract other bird and animal species to use the Porta Hedge as a home.


The roof of the Porta Hedge is the perfect location for photovoltaic solar panels. Generate additional electricity either for the interior of the Porta Hedge, for your home, or for any structure nearby.

What About the Trailer?
With minimal impact upon the landscape, and mobility for the lifetime of the hedge, the Porta Hedge and its related Porta Projects are a novel approach to landscape design.

Like many other contemporary products, all Porta Projects are designed to be modular and easily relocated when necessary. With only 5 points touching the ground, Porta Projects have minimal impact upon the land they are situated on.


The Porta Hedge's interior Mobile Observation Lab features surveillance cameras/monitors, a rooftop observation hatch and peep holes with accompanying chalkboards to observe and respond to one's surroundings. For the comfort of the inside observer, amenities include a small bathroom, live plants, and an internet uplink.

Rooftop hatch and live plants:


Since July 2009, the Porta Hedge has been travelling the country in search of suitable sites, for field testing, and to meet the public. To learn more about it and see other projects of Justin Shull, visit his site here.

all information and images courtesy of Justin Shull

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