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The Most Beautifully Eerie Dolls You've Ever Seen. Mooqla Dolls Get A Makeover.

I first introduced you to the hand made silicone-encased plastic articulated Mooqla dolls by Russian artist Polina Voloshina four years ago. At that time, she had just begun to make the exotically featured featured, fashion forward, macabre, elfin-looking dolls. Featured in that post were her creations from 2006 and 2007, like those shown below.


above: the dolls and packaging as they first appeared.

Beginning in 2008, the dolls' features softened, their cheeks are less gaunt and their eyes are closer together, making them less unique, but more lifelike. They have become less 'creepy' with the addition of faces that have slight and subtle smiles, eye make-up, lipstick and in some cases, freckles.

Gone is the albino skintone and although some still have the turned down mouth -it's more of a pout than a frown. The dolls are now one of a kind with hand crafted heads in a variety of styles topped with all types of hair colors and styles. (To see how she makes them check my first post here). The make-up is painstakingly applied to each original doll and the result are a variety of some of the most eerily beautiful and in some cases, realistic, dolls I've ever seen.

With their full lips and exotic eyes, some of the dark haired dolls have a striking similarity to Angelina Jolie and NCIS's Pauley Perette:

Some even have freckles like those shown below:

And some have epicanthic folds, making them appear Asian:

Others are uniquely made up as Goths or Robots:

Mooqla doll designer and art director Polina Voloshina:

Sadly, the dolls are no longer sold at an online store, their English website is gone and Art Lebedev Studio, who designed the dolls logo and original identity, does not carry them anymore.

But you can find a few of them at the Dolls Boutique and some of the amazing clothing for them can still be purchased here.

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